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Naamkarann: Custody battle to bring a heart breaking moment for Avni

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Avni tries hard to convince the court to get Mogli’s custody rights. She fails to prove the financial stability. Neil’s lawyer stresses on the fact that Khanna family is more sound and stable, who can give a good life to Mogli. He tells the court that Neil is going to marry Mitali, who would be a good mum for Mogli. Neil’s lawyer appeals that Neil gets the child custody. Mogli has hope that Avni will win his custody. He doesn’t want to leave anyone and go with Neil. The court gives the verdict in Neil’s favor.

Prakash tells Avni that he will always support her as a father. He wishes the best for her. Avni gets saddened when she loses her son’s custody. She was afraid for this day. She is granted a day in a week to meet her son at Khanna house. Avni feels the pain of losing Mogli.

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Neil too feels her pain. Shweta asks Neil not to talk to Avni at this time, as she would break down and misunderstand him for losing Mogli. Avni turns too emotional. She visits Aisha’s grave and shares her sorrow. She feels Neil will raise Mogli well. She takes the matter as her defeat. She really feels unlucky to lose everyone she loves. She loses Mogli forever. Avni goes back home and finds it a tough task to convince Mogli.

She packs Mogli’s belongings and clothes so that his stay at Khanna house can be better. She shatters with the thought of parting away with him. Sunehri consoles Avni. While Avni clears Mogli’s things from home, Mitali sets a new room for Mogli. Neil apologizes to Mitali for not seeking her opinion. He asks her to say if she can manage Mogli and his big responsibility. Mitali tells him that she will always love Mogli as her son. Prakash tells them that they can’t please Mogli by setting a new room and decorating it. He asks them to understand Mogli’s real needs.

Avni asks Mogli to go and stay with Neil at his house. Mogli refuses to leave Avni. He tells her that he will stay with Neil only if she comes along. Avni faces a difficulty, but convinces Mogli to go. She promises to come to meet him regularly. She asks hiṁ not to make things tougher for her. She tells him about the custody battle, which she lost. She asks him to play with Neil and Mitali. She asks Mogli not to feel lonely there. She strengthens herself. She gives him an ice cream treat.

She spends time with him. She gathers many memories with Mogli when the parting time gets close. Neil arrives at Avni’s place to take Mogli with him. Avni takes some time from Neil to send off Mogli. Neil promises Avni to look after Mogli well. Mogli bids farewell to everyone. The kids give gifts to Mogli. Avni wants Mogli to always stay happy. They share an emotional moment. Avni gets a big shock when she learns that Neil couldn’t look after Mogli well, which made her son fall ill.







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    Vivek sudra

    Please namkarann ka time slot change kar dijiye par show ko air off mat karo please

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    Hate u starplus is wrost channel in universe because naamkaran is going off air and I hope jaise naamkaran off air ho rahe waise aap ka channel bhi jaldi band ho jaye and I also hate nonsense Chali London

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