Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira to learn Shubham’s drug addiction

Naira secure Aryan

Kartik gives a romantic surprise to Naira. She thanks him for his forever support. Naira gets happiness by his lovely gestures. Kirti explains Naksh that he should get at peace with Naira. She asks him to forget their fight now. She wants Naksh and Naira’s bond to get fine like before, when Kabeer got punished by Naira. Naitik gifts a holiday package to them, so that they can move on in life by forgetting the bad sudden shocks. He tells Naksh that he worries for all the children equally, he just doesn’t support Naira. Shubham takes the drugs from some other dealer. He behaves bad when he fails to get the drugs.

The Goenkas have no idea about his drug addiction. Manish worries for Shubham’s bad behavior. He feels responsible for all the sorrow in Shubham’s life. He tells Naira that he loses temper on Shubham, so that he can get him on the right path. He reveals that his anger is just a fear to lose Shubham. He feels bad when Shubham hurts the kids. He loves Shubham a lot and wants him to bond well. He fails to explain his love to Shubham. He wishes Shubham accepts the family.

Naira promises him that she will make their relations fine. Manish gets glad by her assurance. Suwarna overhears them and gets emotional. She prays that Manish and Shubham get closer. Kartik takes care of Shubham. He tries to talk out and know the problem bothering Shubham. He does an elder brother’s duty. He asks Shubham to share his problems with him.


Shubham hides his drug addiction from Kartik, who tells him that they all love him a lot and want him to be fine. The brothers have an emotional moment. Naira faces troubles at the academy. Kartik and Naira learn about Shubham spending lots of money. They think to find out why Shubham is spending money and after what. Shubham looks for the drugs packet in his room. He falls in a bad state. Kartik suggests that they should block Shubham’s access to money. Naira asks Kartik not to block Shubham’s bank accounts. Kartik tells her that Shubham may come to take their help if they block his accounts. Shubham loses the drugs. Kartik gets busy in Naira’s academy administration. He doesn’t want any loss for Naira.

Naira wants to gain knowledge about business before she takes up any new venture. She tells Kartik that she will first learn the work. Manish and Suwarna find Shubham depressed. Suwarna tells Manish that she isn’t against him. She apologizes to him. She understands his feelings. Manish asks her why is Shubham in this state when they love him so much. He wants to know what’s hurting Shubham. He wants to help him. Suwarna and Manish count on Naira. Kartik takes Naira to meet Naksh, so that their differences can end. He tells her that Naksh and Kirti are going on a holiday, but Naksh wanted to make an apology.

Naksh makes a cute apology and ends the tiff. Naira forgives him. The siblings recover their bond. Naksh apologizes to Naitik for misunderstanding him and accusing him for being biased. He feels bad that he showed arrogance towards his family. Naitik understands Naksh’s natural reaction. Naitik asks Naksh not to feel bad about anything and just forget the past. Naira tells Naksh that Naitik really loves her more. Naira gets clued about Shubham’s drug addiction. Kartik and Naira decide to help Shubham.


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