Dil Se Dil Tak (PicFiction): Parth compels Teni to return home


Parth gets Teni to Bhanushali house. Parth has told her about the past. He stops her from marrying Iqbal. He asks her to visit their house once before the marriage. Teni gets confused when he constantly pushes her. Teni agrees to meet Bhanushalis. Teni doesn’t remember anything about her past. She gets to meet Ipshita after many years. She bumps into Ipshita at the door. They have an argument. Teni finds Ipshita talking like her and wonders what’s their relation. They both don’t know their blood relation.

Teni asks Ipshita to let her go inside the mansion. Ipshita argues with her. She stops Teni at the door. Parth and entire family find Teni at the door. Ipshita doesn’t like Teni. She asks Teni not to think she is a little kid. She is also bindaas like Teni. She complains to Parth about Teni. Parth wishes Teni gets her memory back. Parth wants Teni to believe her past and cancel her marriage with Iqbal. Will Teni regain her memories? Keep reading.


  1. LOL.. blood relation is not like this. Teni is just surrogate mother. Ipshita carries DNA of her mother sorbhari, so in every possible way if behavior of Ipshita will resemble someone, is shorvari only. Yes teni’s character would have reflected in Ipshita if they had spent time together.The way storyline is written it will make every female blood donor as mother ?

  2. the embryo is created using the intended father’s sperm and the intended mother’s eggs. The resulting child is genetically related to both intended parents Not the SURROGATE MOTHER


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