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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira thinks of doing any business, only once she acquires proper knowledge. She gains inspiration from Naksh, who is much successful in his field because of his knowledge and experience. She thinks of her past and how she had left her studies incomplete, living in an ashram in Rishikesh. She feels her life doesn’t have any limitations now. She tells the family that she has decided to study and complete her education. She tells them that her life has become stable now, after passing many hurdles. Kartik feels proud of her to take such a decision. Naitik too asks her to go ahead and do her wishful. He wants Naira to be independent and educate herself for the betterment of her life. The family totally supports Naira. They believe that Naira can help herself like none other can. Naira makes up her mind to inform Goenkas about her decision.


Omkara and Gauri become famous after their lovely picture gets viral. Rudra also wants Bhavya to show their affection to the world. He asks Bhavya to get pictures with him. Rudra and Bhavya explain public display of affection to Anika. Omkara tells Gauri that he also believes in PDA. He tells the media that he loves Gauri and he has a right to prove his love, its important to confess it when there is no fear about anything. He tells the media that Gauri is his inspiration, he is proud of her. Omkara and Gauri get much publicity by their PDA move.

Anika gets influenced by Omkara’s move. Gauri and Bhavya don’t like to shout out their love to the world. Anika tells them that they always celebrate anything good happening in their lives, same way they can celebrate their love and show the world. She feels happy for Gauri.


Avni sends Mogli with Neil with a heavy heart. Mogli stays upset with Neil for taking him away from his mum. Avni sheds tears after Mogli leaves. She stayed strong in front of Mogli. She falls weak after he leaves. She knows Neil will love Mogli a lot and keep him well. She shares her pain with Sunehri. She tells her that she will fall lonely when Mogli learns to live with Neil. Sunehri consoles Avni. She asks Avni to have hopes, the story didn’t end yet. Avni feels lost to the society. She has fought with everyone for her name and future, but she has lost her son ultimately. Sunehri tells her that fate has something in store for her. She wishes Neil, Avni and Mogli unite.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita denies to reveal anything to Ruhi. She yells on Ruhi asking her to stay away from her matters. Ruhi gets frustrated when Ishita doesn’t tell her anything. She tells Ishita that its her right and duty as well to know what’s bothering her mum. Ishita tells Ruhi that she isn’t taking any sensible step, she is hurting her more by growing suspicion. She asks Ruhi to think if Raman has hurt Parmeet more and got arrested for the crime. She asks Ruhi not to invite troubles. Ruhi tells Ishita that Parmeet should get punished. She asks Ishita to stop protecting him.


Mehul demands Satya to tell him about Susheel’s whereabouts. The media targets Leela and questions on her madness, which provokes her further. Kali wants Leela to admit her crimes. She wishes Susheel returns home. Mehul wants to know if Susheel is fine, what are her motives to hide. Satya understands Mehul’s pain. Mehul breaks down. He wants to meet Susheel. Satya tells Mehul that Susheel is fine, she is with Sarthi, and would come back soon. He apologizes for not revealing more. He asks Mehul to hide the truth from Leela. He promises Mehul that he will get Susheel back. Leela makes a plan to expose Susheel. Kali and Sejal want Leela to get fine mentally. Satya calls the doctors for treating Leela. Leela was expecting a gift from him. She gets angered when she sees the doctors. She spots Susheel.

She then acts clever and brings Susheel in front of everyone. Everyone gets to see Susheel. Satya makes everyone pretend that they can’t see Susheel. Satya forces Leela to confess her crimes. They pressurize Leela for admitting the wrong she did with Susheel. Leela tells them that she has taken revenge to correct the wrong which happened with Kiran. She tells them that she has tried to kill Susheel. Leela feels she is just imagining Susheel because of her guilt. Susheel provokes her to speak up the truth. Leela admits all her crimes. They sympathize with Susheel knowing Leela’s crimes. Leela realizes Susheel is alive, and the family was playing with her mind by supporting Susheel.

Susheel records Leela’s crime confession. She promises to get Leela punished. Leela vows to kill Susheel. She attacks Susheel. Satya tries hard to stop Leela. Leela tells them that she will not spare Susheel’s life. Satya and the family receive a big shock on finding Leela stabbed. Leela tells Satya that Susheel has stabbed her. She asks Satya to be happy with the happening as he was supporting Susheel. Satya can’t believe Susheel’s crime. Susheel goes missing from the site. She gets accused for killing Leela.





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