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Naamkarann: Destiny to play cupid for Avni-Neil

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Avni sends Mogli with Neil with a heavy heart. Mogli stays upset with Neil for taking him away from his mum. Avni sheds tears after Mogli leaves. She stayed strong in front of Mogli. She falls weak after he leaves. She knows Neil will love Mogli a lot and keep him well. She shares her pain with Sunehri. She tells her that she will fall lonely when Mogli learns to live with Neil. Sunehri consoles Avni. She asks Avni to have hopes, the story didn’t end yet. Avni feels lost to the society. She has fought with everyone for her name and future, but she has lost her son ultimately. Sunehri tells her that fate has something in store for her. She wishes Neil, Avni and Mogli unite.

Neil gets Mogli home. Mogli greets everyone well to keep up Avni’s name and respect. Neil asks Mogli to call him Papa and feel like home. He shows the decorated room to Mogli. Mogli misses out Avni’s pictures in the room. He changes the room and redecorates the room with Avni’s pictures.

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Prakash finds Mogli’s love for Avni by seeing the lovely pictures of mother-son duo. He asks Mogli to share his problems with him. Mogli promises him. Prakash also wishes for Neil and Avni’s union. Neil gets to see Avni’s pictures on the walls. He holds his cool for Mogli’s sake. He doesn’t want to be unjust with Mogli. Neil takes Mogli for having lunch with them. Mogli gets talking about Avni all the time.

Mitali understands Mogli missing Avni much. Neil tries to get close to Mogli’s heart. Shweta pampers Mitali with love. Mogli gets Mitali’s service revolver. He assumes it to be a toy. Neil gets worried when he spots Mogli with the gun. He tells Mogli that its not a toy. He then yells on Mitali for being so careless and leaving the gun unattended, knowing a kid is living with them now. He shouts on her, getting panicking for Mogli’s safety. Mitali apologizes to Neil. Avni misses Mogli. She avoids food. She tells Sunehri that Mogli has gone away from her, now she has no fear haunting her. She asks Sunehri not to worry for her. She stays occupied in work.

Mogli misses Avni. He gets scared in darkness. He gets high fever. Neil realizes Mogli has fallen sick. He worries for Mogli’s health. Avni gets restless sensing Mogli in trouble. Mogli demands Neil to call Avni home or take him to Avni. Avni calls up Neil to know about Mogli’s well being. She apologizes to disturb him at night. Neil informs Avni about Mogli‘s fever. She gets worried for her son. Avni comes home to see Mogli. She gets angry on Neil and Mitali for neglecting Mogli. Neil clarifies that he didn’t know about Mogli’s allergies. Avni stays back with Mogli to look after him. Neil realizes his mistake. He helps Avni and cares for Mogli. She blames him for snatching her son to take his revenge. Destiny will be playing cupid to unite the lovers soon.







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    Plzzz slot the tym of naamkarann

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    Priyanka Tomar

    Please please we all request and began you to not to end naamkaran. NAAMKARAN is our jaan please give extension to naamkaran please give a new time slot. I am very very sad to know about naamkaran

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