Naamkarann: Mitali’s dignified step to unite the lovers

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Neil and Mitali proceed for the marriage. Neil sits in the mandap with a confused mind. Neil and Mitali exchange the garlands. Mitali asks Neil to be sure of his decision once again. Neil realizes he just loves Avni. He is restless when his heart doesn’t agree for the marriage. He tells how to tell Mitali about his dilemma. He stops from performing the rituals. Mitali understands him completely and breaks the ghatbandhan. She asks Neil to go and stop Avni from leaving his life. She lets Neil live his life, as she has seen his love for Avni in his eyes. She doesn’t want a meaningless life by marrying Neil. She promises to stay as his best friend forever.

Mitali shows him the picture frame. She gifts him the mirror, and asks him to see his future in it, the one who loves in reality. Neil sees Avni with him. He cries as he has been unfair with Mitali.

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Mitali asks him not to take any stress about their relation, as she will always be there as a friend. Neil likes her understanding and feels proud. Neil thanks Mitali. She keeps her self esteem. She wanted Neil to realize his feelings and be sure of it. She asks him to accept Avni and Mogli soon. Neil’s family gets grateful to Mitali for making Neil understand his true feelings. Neil rushes to stop Avni. Neil and Avni have an emotional union. They have a happy new beginning together.







3 responses to “Naamkarann: Mitali’s dignified step to unite the lovers”

  1. aishath Avatar

    But very sad of hearing the news of naamkaran is going to offair…..

  2. sabina basyal Avatar
    sabina basyal

    too sad listening naamkaran going off air..if naamkaran donot revamp with season 2, we would block starplus channel for our life..damed sure about this, save the naamkaran please

    1. sabina basyal Avatar
      sabina basyal

      please save naamkaran get season 2

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