TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Chakor is much worried when she senses Imli around. She goes for the jog. Suraj reaches her and explains her that Imli isn’t alive. He asks her not to worry by the illusions. She tells him that she has seen Imli. He tries to relieve her tensions. Suraj flirts with her to calm her fears. Chakor feels insecure.


Harman is still finding Soumya. He gets a hint about Soumya’s survival when he finds a lady selling the toys made by Soumya. He tells Jasleen that Soumya has made the toys, as she has made a similar doll before. He understands Soumya is around. He gets excited to meet her. He asks the lady from where did she buy the toys. He buys all the toys from her and gives her much money. Harman heads to Sameer’s shop to know about Soumya. He has high hopes that he will meet Soumya and clear all their differences to unite back.


Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Lovely records Kulfi’s song. Kulfi thinks Lovely is enjoying the song. She thanks Lovely for valuing her voice. Kulfi is innocent. Kulfi sings and enjoys too. She doesn’t know Lovely is acting sweet to trap her. Lovely cheats Kulfi and records her voice to give credit to Amyra. Lovely makes Amyra sing in front of the guests. Amyra just lip syncs on Kulfi’s song. She gets appreciated for her good voice and talent. Lovely turns happy when she succeeds to get all the attention for Amyra. Lovely wants Amyra to get famous. Lovely doesn’t know about Kulfi’s identity. Amyra wins the applaud by Kulfi’s voice. Lovely will be playing this game for long. Sikandar too is unaware that Kulfi is his daughter. Lovely will be soon knowing about Kulfi and Sikandar’s relation, and trouble Kulfi more.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni comes back to Bhanushali house to get answers from Parth about her past. She has returned to know her past. Parth is sure that Teni will be recollecting her past. Teni gets a day time to find out her past on her own.


Neil and Mitali proceed for the marriage. Neil sits in the mandap with a confused mind. Neil and Mitali exchange the garlands. Mitali asks Neil to be sure of his decision once again. Neil realizes he just loves Avni. He is restless when his heart doesn’t agree for the marriage. He tells how to tell Mitali about his dilemma. He stops from performing the rituals. Mitali understands him completely and breaks the ghatbandhan. She asks Neil to go and stop Avni from leaving his life. She lets Neil live his life, as she has seen his love for Avni in his eyes. She doesn’t want a meaningless life by marrying Neil. She promises to stay as his best friend forever.

Woh Apna Sa:

Ambika slaps Rano, after Jia exposes Rano’s crimes. Ambika scolds Rano for dividing her sons and provoking her against Jia. They find Arjun’s life in danger. They save Arjun from Rano’s madness. Ambika can’t believe Rani can stoop so low. Jia requests Akash to treat Arjun. Akash does Arjun’s treament. Arjun gains conscious. Rano blames Jia for Arjun’s state. Jia proves herself innocent. Arjun throws out Rano from the house. Ambika apologizes to Jia. She hugs Jia and Arjun, showering blessings on them. Akash feels bad as he has also developed a liking for Jia.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara follows Miraj and Ruksar. She reaches the cafe. She spies on them. Kabeer doesn’t know about Zara’s move. Zara wants to expose Ruksar’s planning against Kabeer.


Shivay and Anika’s dance video becomes a big problem for his business ventures. Shivay loses the contract and turns upset with Anika, for the fact that she is valuing people’s opinion on their relationship more than their own satisfaction. He doesn’t want anyone to appreciate his relationship with his wife. He doesn’t want anyone to comment on his personal life or approve if their relationship is contained with love. He tries hard to make Anika understand that social media is not a necessity for everyone. Anika feels the difference between Shivay and her mindset, upbringing, skills and knowledge.


Meera and Vivaan reach the police station. Vivaan learns his mum was innocent, she was framed in the murder case. Meera proves that Pammi didn’t commit any murder. She scolds the inspector for the wrong investigation and wrong reports filed. She tears the reports. She asks the inspector to investigate the case again. Meera wants to fail Roma’s planning. Vivaan gets angry on the inspector for misleading them. He gets a clue from the constable. Vivaan realizes Pammi is innocent and Meera was right. Meera gets stuck on the road. She tries to move away the heavy bike. Vivaan reaches her to help. She acts estranged. He tries to talk to her.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Shonita is a superstar for the world. She is a Dracula in reality. Varun wants to become a film star. He meets Shonita. He performs with her. She falls in love with Varun. She recommends him to get work. She wants to bite Varun and turn him into a Dracula as well. Varun gets trapped by Shonita. She has evil intentions of killing him. She wants to change him into a devil from a human. She wants to take him along with her to her world. Devika tells her that a wife is always a shield for her husband, when bad times strike. Shonita challenges her. Devika tries hard to warn Varun about Shonita. Varun romances with Shonita. Devika tries to save him. Shonita then plays her evil by possessing Devika. The weekend episodes of the show will bring a supernatural twist.


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