Ishqbaaz: Shivay to take a stand for his perfect Anika

Ishqbaaz New entry brings troubles for Anika

Anika goes to the prestigious school for Sahil’s admission. She meets a lady on the way, who insults the driver. Anika takes a stand for her driver. Anika reprimands the lady for driving carelessly and hitting her car. She asks the lady not to blame her driver. The lady doesn’t feel its her mistake. Anika can’t accept anyone doing wrong with poor. She teaches a lesson to the lady. The lady calls her illiterate. Anika doesn’t care for her insult. She reaches the school. She meets the principal. She gets prepared for her interview.

Principal asks Anika how dare she enters the office without an appointment. The assistant tells about Anika, who is Shivay Singh Oberoi’s wife. Anika realizes its the same lady she met on the way. She loses confidence. Anika is then allowed to sit for a talk. Principal says its an English medium school, you should communicate in English. Principal pities Shivay for having a wife like Anika. Anika feels humiliated. She gets speechless. She gets to hear the taunts. Principal wants Anika and Sahil’s standard to match with the school’s standard.

Anika gets helpless when she is unable to say anything about her brother. The principal doesn’t consider her brother worthy enough to study in their school, after seeing Anika’s status. Anika makes a fool of herself, when the elite ladies laugh on her. Anika gets into an argument with them. Her unique language entertains them. Anika tells them that speaking in English is not everything, its not a necessity to make a future, Sahil can become successful any way. Anika keeps her points, which doesn’t get appreciated by the principal.

Anika reminds their mother tongue, which should be something they should be proud of, rather than showing off English language skills. Anika leaves from the principal’s office and sheds tears. Shivay waits for her outside. Anika tells him the insulting chapter. She breaks down. She tells him Sahil won’t get admission just because of her poor knowledge and language skills. Shivay supports Anika and respects her perception. Shivay tells her that he has studied in the same school and wants Sahil’s admission to be done there, so that Sahil’s future gets a boost. He assures her that he will handle Sahil’s admission. He also wants Anika to get her deserved respect. He gets angry knowing about Anika’s insult.

He feels none should mock Anika if she lacks English skills, as she is qualified in every sense. He tells Anika that she is smart, bold and independent, she shouldn’t feel inferior if doesn’t know one language. Shivay meets the principal and justifies Anika. He takes a stand for Anika. He gives out a message that Anika shouldn’t be judged for one skill, she is a perfect human being over all, if she doesn’t speak English, she shouldn’t be treated alienated. He protects Anika and her esteem. Shivay answers on Anika’s behalf. He wants Anika to get equal respect like him. Principal tells him that she has met his wife and has a good chat with her. He learns Principal and Anika had an argument on the road before meeting at office, so Principal is humiliating her to settle scores. Shivay still supports Anika, who can never be wrong. He feels proud of Anika, who is bold enough to show the right path even to dignified people.


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