Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Ratan to confess love to Diya in a crucial moment


Diya and Ratan get caught by the terrorists. Diya gets tortured. She tries to attack Deepu and run away. The goons catch her and tie her up to the pillar. Deepu and Mithi get angry on Diya for failing their motives. Ratan tries hard to protect Diya. He doesn’t want to leave Diya in danger. He vows to protect Diya. Ratan sees his death in front when he is held at the knife point. Diya asks him why did he come back. Ratan tells her that he had to come back, and break her swear, as he loves her a lot.

Diya worries when the goons tie up Ratan by the ropes. She tells him that she should have not come. Mithi and Deepu threaten to kill Ratan. Ratan feels this is his end and expresses his unspoken feelings to Diya.

They live their life’s most precious moments in such a bad phase of their life. He didn’t wish to lose the chance to confess love. He tells Diya that he really loves her and wants to keep their marriage. Diya gets too happy to receive the good news. Diya and Ratan argue in front of them. Diya fools Deepu and hands over the wrong map to him. Diya and Ratan play smart. Diya throws a smoke can and makes an escape with Ratan. They get saved from Deepu’s terror.


  1. Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya is my all time favorite serial. I am Surprised to read a lot of news that it is coming to an abrupt sudden end this May 25. Will be missing Diya Thakurani sa the most, not sure as a Tejasswi Prakash fan if i can see her on screen even again.

    The Makers can still extend the plot. They can finish the last episode on a open plot with a scope for a season 2. Before Tejasswi & Rohit get committed to any new show. They can quickly plan for extension of RLHN or a new season 2 for RLHN.
    (1) Diya-Ratan have a 6 month time for divorce. They can easily create lot of suspense to show whether they get divorce or not which can go thrilling till a nail biting last minute finish.
    (2) In these 6 months, Ratan asks Diya to find a girl better than herself for him, else she has to accept that Diya herself is the best wife in the world and cancel the divorce plans. Diya & Ratan tries to find 3 other girls and in the end they realise that Diya is the best match for Ratan in the world.
    (3) Ratan & Diya can go through adventure trip or honey moontrip, end up in haunted place, or solve a big mystery (not in surajgarh/kesar mahal).
    (4) Yash , Mohana , CT & other family members misunderstand Diya and they have cold war between them which is finally misunderstand. Clash between Diya vs Mohana, Diya vs CT , Diya vs Shakshi etc.
    (5) Moving away from Surajgarh. Ratan Diya move to London or Mumbai. How their life goes in new city during this time. What happens when they return back to Surajgarh after 1 year leap (either on a vacation or permanently).
    (6) Attack against Ratan restart this time through a New unknown villain/haunted ghost. How Ratan & Diya solve them.
    (7) 2nd 1 year leap. Diya gets a Baby by now. Shakshi & Isha’s children return from boarding school. Something wierd happens with them. Interesting plots can be set around them. Afsan Khan can make a return as one of the kids.
    (8) A new girl comes into the story with a big plan to create misunderstanding between Ratan & Diya. She has deep love on Ratan & plots to marry him. That girl join the hotel as Ratan’s business partner/client/secretary. Ratan is seduced as she is 21 and he is now 24 , Diya being a 33 year old mother now. How Diya win’s back Ratan , how he realises Diya’s value again.
    (9) Plot to ruin Ratan’s stand in society. He is jailed for a false case (the new girl’s murder may be). How Diya’s fights the court case to restore Ratan’s stature in society and his reputation.
    (10) Ayush, Shivani, Mohak can become a villain, Abbhay can escape from jail or is released, Arpita seeks revenge, Priya escapes from Jail, Raghu is actually not dead but escapes. Fake Ratan & meethi too escape from Jail. All of them seperately or together plot against Kesar Mahal. Diya & Ratan together defeats all.

    Then only we should say a Final Good Bye to the Show. We have a Lonnggggggg story to go in RLHN.

    The scope for RLHN show is ENDLESS. WE LOVE THIS SHOW A LOT. Please continue it for atleast until the till end of this year. Don’t end it abrupty like PPki. You can easily bring back the show after 1-2 month gap as season 2 with a new name – ‘New adventures of Diya & Ratan’. Please continue Teju & Rohit as Diya & Ratan before they move on to other shows.

    The show slowed down because of typecasting of Diya & Ratan characters. They can change their characters. Chotte Thakur, Diya’s Father can have a better chance. Why does All episodes have to happen in Kesar Mahal only.

    The mistake they made was scrapping of 18 year old Pehredaar plot, catching priya-raghu very early on. Had not for these, this show would have had atleast 250 – 300 more episodes scope. Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya and Diya are the Best, Tejaswwi is the best actress in the world.

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