Shakti: Soumya to witness Harman’s biggest lie


Soumya gets to see Harman and Jasleen finding her. Jasleen gets hurt. Harman lifts Jasleen and takes her. Soumya runs after them. She hides and sees them together. She gets mistaken when Jasleen tells everyone that she has married Harman, she is Harman’s wife. Harman tells them that Jasleen is a modern girl, she doesn’t have any mangalsutra or sindoor, but she is his wife, times have changed, women aren’t even wearing sarees post marriage. They lie to end some people’s objection.

The people argue further and oppose Harman and Jasleen’s relation. Harman gets into his angry avatar of a pind hero to shut them up. Harman and Jasleen manage to lie that they are married, and not doing any shameless act on the road. Harman’s big lie hurts Soumya’s heart.

She really thinks Harman has married Jasleen. Sameer also sees Harman lying. He taunts Soumya over her love. He asks is this Harman, her love, who had come to find her, getting along his new life. He asks Soumya to decide if she wants to go with Harman. He says I will call Harman for you. Soumya stops him. Harman and Jasleen have lied to manage a situation in between narrow minded people. Soumya sheds tears. She feels she has lost Harman forever.


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