Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Suwarna gets scared of a knocking premonition

YRKKH: Twisted!! Suwarna to repeat Naira's mistake

The entire Goenka family plays cricket. They spend some good family moments. The family surprises Kartik and wish him on his birthday. Kartik loves the surprise and considers it as his life’s best birthday. Naira tells him that she has planned many surprises for him. He asks her to reveal some. He tries asking everyone about it. Naira doesn’t tell him.

vNaira is hopeful that the day will be super wonderful as Shubham will be close to family soon. She wants to gift Shubham to Kartik. She hopes Shubham will tell the truth to family. Shubham doesn’t want to hurt the family members. He regrets for his doings after Naira explains him how drugs finishes a person’s life from roots.

Suwarna meets Shubham. She gets happy when he bonds with her. He controls his urge for drugs. He wants to end his drugs addiction. Naira gets happy seeing Shubham putting efforts. Naira surprises Kartik. She plans a series of surprises for him. He gets a romantic surprise. He gets elated on finding her plannings. Naira makes sure that Kartik’s birthday becomes memorable. Kartik tells her that she means a world to him, as she knows him the best. She assures him that she will make everything fine at home.

Shubham’s bonding with the family surprises Suwarna. Naira expects him to speak out the truth on Kartik’s birthday. Suwarna gets a bad premonition. She gets worried. She eradicates the negative thoughts from her mind. They all look forward to celebrate Kartik’s birthday the best way possible. Suwarna wishes that her illusion about an upcoming big grief doesn’t turn true. She prays for her family’s happiness.

Shubham tells her that he is planning a surprise for Kartik. Kartik gets a special birthday surprise by the family. Manish tells Kartik that this is actually Naira’s idea. Naira hides more surprises for Kartik. She doesn’t want to hide about Shubham from him. Naira throws a birthday party for Kartik. She meets Shubham and pesters him to reveal the truth to family. He doesn’t want to upset everyone and explains her that he won’t ruin her hard work. She tells him that family will step ahead to support him.

He asks her not to tell anyone. He promises to tell everyone after the party gets over. He lies to Naira. He hides his intentions from Naira. The goons reach Shubham and realize that he is leaving his addiction. They don’t want Shubham to get free from their drugs. The kids enjoy at the resort. The elders too have a relieving time. The families bond well. Manish and Kartik have a cute father-son moment. Manish wishes him heartily. Kartik gets happy seeing Shubham’s equations getting better with them. Manish too wants to win Shubham’s heart. Shubham hugs Manish and gets elated. Suwarna thanks Kartik and Naira for keeping their promise and bridging the gap between Shubham and them. Suwarna stays scared by her premonition.


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