Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth and Iqbal join hands to help out Teni

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Parth and Iqbal try to meet the doctor and plan to return Teni’s memory. They want Teni to regain her memory and then decide for her life. Doctor tells them that its too tough to make someone recover the memory. Iqbal wants to recreate everything by which Teni lost her memory. He doesn’t think of losing. He tells the doctor that if they replay Teni’s old life, she may remember things. Parth asks doctor will this idea work. Doctor confirms them. He gives them some medicine that could help Teni. Kaki overhears them. She doesn’t want Teni to return in the family. She plans to fail their plans.

She thinks of changing the medicine so that Teni never recovers from her memory loss. Parth and Iqbal’s hardwork can go in vain. Kaki doesn’t want Teni to regain her memory. She is against Parth and Teni’s union. She finds Teni irritating. She wants Teni to leave from Parth’s life. She keeps an eye on the arrangements. She recalls the incident. She understands that Parth wants to recreate the same incident. She wants to add drama to spoil Parth’s plan.







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