Udaan: Suraj calls off Chakor’s growing fears

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Chakor is not able to believe that Imli is dead. Chakor tells Suraj that she has seen Imli in the haveli. She goes out of the haveli to follow Imli. Suraj gets worried and tries to find out Chakor. He asks the servants about Chakor. He waits for her return. When Chakor comes back, he questions her about the outing. He learns that she has gone to find out about Imli. He asks her not to get mad to chase Imli, who isn’t alive. He says I was so worried and even contacted your parents to know about you. She gets scolding from Suraj. He gets too angry on her. He tells her that Imli is dead, she won’t come back.

He asks her not to take Vivaan’s words seriously, as he had been living in a trauma, his mental state is not fine and he can say anything randomly. He says Vivaan has returned from a dark world, he is unstable, you are mentally sound, how can you believe him. She tells him that Vivaan was also assumed dead till now, but he is alive, same way Imli can be alive too. He asks her not to say nonsense. She says I m not saying this on Vivaan’s saying but by following my own instinct, Imli is alive. He says if Imli was really alive, she would have made our lives hell, she would not sit back and relax.

She says Imli is very sharp, she can do anything, she maybe planning things against us silently. He asks her not to get too scared that she ruins their happiness herself before Imli strikes. She justifies that she is doing this to secure Saanvi and their happiness. He asks her to think of Imli’s behavior, she would bring a storm in their lives if she is around. She tells him that heart is signing her about Imli’s presence, maybe she is keeping an eye on us. Chakor asks Suraj to believe her. Imli overhears their conversation. Suraj spots the maid Archana and gets angry. He asks her to just manage Saanvi and sends her away. Chakor feels Imli can return in their lives. She has to find out to make Suraj believe her.


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