Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth and Iqbal await Teni’s decision

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Parth and Iqbal try hard to make Teni recover their lost memories. Teni doesn’t regain her memory. Teni falls unconscious. Doctor checks her. He treats her. He tells the family that Teni didn’t regain her memories, and their last attempt also failed. Parth and Indu worry for her. Iqbal is ready to sacrifice his love. He tells Parth that he will wait till Teni regains her memory, so that she can decide whom to marry and whom she loves. He wants Teni to get absolutely fine. He wants to leave the decision on her. Parth sheds tears seeing Teni’s vulnerable state.

Parth regrets that his plan to help Teni failed. Fate doesn’t support Parth. Parth tells Iqbal that they have tried hard, and even if Teni doesn’t regain memory, they can’t help it, it will be a decision by Lord, which they have to accept any way. He thanks Iqbal for supporting him. He feels Iqbal is a nice person at heart. They both are ready to accept Teni’s decision. Whom will Teni choose? Keep reading.







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