Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni to question Iqbal’s loyalty

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Parth fails to remind Teni her past. Teni has decided to leave the Bhanushali family. She feels lost. She wants to marry Iqbal soon. Parth tells Iqbal that he has tried his best and now he can’t take any step. Iqbal understands Parth’s sorrow. Teni asks Iqbal how could he support Parth, does he not love her. She questions his loyalty towards her. Iqbal’s mum stops Teni from packing the bags. She asks Teni to stay in Bhanushali house for some more days so that Parth and Iqbal can help her regain memory. Teni tells her that they are just taking advantage of her memory loss.

She asks her not to fall in Parth’s words. Iqbal’s mum tells Teni that she has just come for Teni, but she is Iqbal’s mum, she wants both Iqbal and Teni to stay happy.

She is afraid that if Teni gets her memories back, she will forget Iqbal and her. She asks Teni to always stay happy. Teni tells her that she doesn’t want to stay back, she wants to go with her. She bonds with Iqbal’s mum. She tells her that she will never forget or leave Iqbal and her. Iqbal apologizes to Teni. He does sit ups to convince her. He makes special tea for her. Teni asks him not to support Parth again. Iqbal adds medicines in Teni’s tea, so that he can help her regain memory. Teni consumes the tea and faints down. Iqbal rushes her to the doctor.







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