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Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Vijay has made a trap against Pankaj. Agastya takes a disguise of a beautiful girl Mohini. Agastya performs Mujra to trap Pankaj. Agastya spikes Pankaj’s drink. Mandira and Bulbul also perform with him. Vijay is sure that their plan will succeed. The family awaits to get justice for Prabhat.

Tu Aashiqui and Ishq Mein Marjawa Mahasangam:
Ahaan and Pankti get a new friend in Reyansh. They have no idea that Reyansh is actually their enemy, who is targeting them deliberately for revenge. Ahaan and Pankti face troubles when Ahaan gets attacked during the big concert again. Aarohi gets happy to find Deep alive. She regrets to shoot Deep. Tara is sure to use Deep in her favor. Tara wants Aarohi and Deep to turn enemies. Aarohi wishes Deep still becomes her shield. Tara wants to punish Aarohi for all the problems in her life. She gets back in Aarohi’s life to ruin her down. She starts the henious murders again. Aarohi falls in trouble when Deep also withdraws support.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth fails to remind Teni her past. Teni has decided to leave the Bhanushali family. She feels lost. She wants to marry Iqbal soon. Parth tells Iqbal that he has tried his best and now he can’t take any step. Iqbal understands Parth’s sorrow. Teni asks Iqbal how could he support Parth, does he not love her. She questions his loyalty towards her. Iqbal’s mum stops Teni from packing the bags. She asks Teni to stay in Bhanushali house for some more days so that Parth and Iqbal can help her regain memory. Teni tells her that they are just taking advantage of her memory loss.

Woh Apna Sa:
Ambika tells Rano that she wants to meet someone. Rano promises to get the person. Ambika sheds tears for her family member. Jia finds Ambika in pain. She tells Arjun that they have to find whom is Rano meeting at night. Arjun and Jia make a plan to track Rano. They follow Rano and try to reach the person hidden by Rano. Jia wants to find the secret at any cost. Arjun tells Jia that the bindis stuck on Rano’s slipper’s sole will make them trace Rano soon. Jia wants to relieve Ambika’s pain.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Lovely likes Kulfi’s voice. She feels Kulfi’s voice will suit Amyra a lot. She decides to use Kulfi’s voice to get fame for Amyra. She is sure that Amyra will get success if she succeeds to lip sync on Kulfi’s songs. Lovely takes Amyra in confidence. Amyra takes credit of Kulfi’s talent. Amyra gets appreciated for her voice and singing abilities. Lovely hands over the pen drive to Amyra and asks her to memorize the lyrics well. She warns her against informing Sikandar about their manipulations, knowing he will never support it.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Goenkas fall to contact Naira in the hour of need. They wanted Naira to talk to doctors and tell about the drugs Shubham has been taking, so that doctors can diagnose Shubham’s illness to cure him in the critical time. Naira gets stuck on the way. She fails to reach the hospital on time. Doctors tell Goenkas that they failed to cure Shubham because of lack of drug information. Shubham dies by the drug overdose which breaks down the family. Goenkas hold Naira responsible for failing their hopes and ruining Shubham’s life. Shubham’s death news reaches Naira, which shatters her. She didn’t imagine that to happen. Kartik and Suwarna start hating Naira for hiding the truth from them and leading Shubham to die by the drug addiction. Naira faces a bad time. She gets thrown out of Goenka house.

Jiji Maa:
Teja asks Falguni never to return to Ambua, as his brother Punja was beaten up by Balwant because of Falguni’s rebel. He wants the villagers to be safe. Falguni gets disheartened and returns home. She tells Niyati about Teja’s unexpected request. Niyati cheers up Falguni and they both celebrate mothers’ day, while missing their mother. Suyash waits for Gayatri to come home. He gets a sad news that Gayatri has gone far. Suyash isn’t aware that Gayatri got kidnapped by their enemies.

Later on, Falguni enters Rawat family. She was insulted by Uttara and Suyash. She has returned home in Lazer’s disguise. She is Suyash’s guest. Suyash invites her for lunch. Falguni talks aloud to make her voice reach Uttara. Uttara gets displeased on seeing Lazer. Falguni call them lucky to be rich. She talks non-stop. Suyash likes her stories, while Uttara gets frustrated. Suyash tells Uttara that Lazer is his friend, he has called her home to return money. Niyati is happy to have Falguni back. Uttara gets angry when Lazer mocks her. Falguni enjoys the feast. Suyash gets emotional and misses Falguni.


Vivaan learns that Pammi is in his office. He looks for his mother. He reaches close to meet her, but Roma obstructs him. Vivaan misses to see Pammi. He then traces her number. Vivaan finds Pammi finally. He wants to know about Pammi’s truth. Roma fails to stop mother-son’s meet.


Imli has planned the accident to kill Vivaan. She feels Vivaan is dangerous for her. She wants to end his game and also the threat on her. She wants Vivaan to die and leave from her life. She wants to turn Saanvi into a bandhua. She feels Vivaan is failing all her plans and becoming big hurdle for her. She gets raging when she sees Vivaan joining Suraj and Chakor again. She doesn’t want Vivaan to protect Saanvi all the time. She finds chances to take Saanvi with her and force the bandhua stamp on her hand. Chakor gets the stamp left by Imli, and feels threatened by upcoming problems.


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