Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Diya to turn down Ratan’s love proposal


Ratan and Diya finally confess love in their romantic moment. They have overcome all the hurdles. Ratan proposes her in a filmi way. Diya accepts his love proposal. They forget all their differences regarding age and background. Diya then gets blackmailed about the family. Ratan gets gifts for her. He finds Diya tensed. He tells her to ask him anything she wants, he will fulfill all her wishes. Diya asks Ratan not to gift her anything, his love is fake, she just wants freedom from the duties, she is fed up being his protector. She ruins the gifts. She yells on Ratan. She doesn’t want to accept Ratan’s love. Ratan doesn’t understand what she wants and why is she reacting so weird. Diya is helpless as the terrorists are threatening her.

Diya can’t alert Ratan, as he is wearing spy cam locket unknowingly. She asks Ratan to stop giving useless surprises to her. She demands a charter plane. Ratan gets puzzled by her request. The terrorist wants to make an escape by using Diya. She lies to Ratan as the terrorist can see her moves. She runs off to her room and cries, thinking of how badly she has hurt Ratan’s sentiments. Ratan’s dreams shatter. He tells Kakisa that Diya has rejected his love and decided to leave from his life. He shares his sorrow and sheds tears. Will Ratan learn about the hidden dangers in Kesar Mahal and help out Diya? Keep reading.


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