TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Ishita takes a big step to shoot her son, to stop him from committing a crime. She didn’t wish Adi to ruin Roshni’s life. Adi wanted to pour acid on Roshni’s face and punish her for rejecting his love. He had gone mad in his obsession. Adi left Aaliya and took a wrong decision to compel his love on Roshni. Ishita feels terrible seeing his bad deeds. Ishita was left with no option than to save Roshni, by killing Adi. Adi dies by Ishita’s hands. Ishita saves Roshni and Aaliya’s lives from a wrong person. She regrets to shoot her son. She shatters down after ending a part of her own.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara have cute lovely moments. They share a cup of tea. Ruksar fails to bring distance between them. Zara makes charming gestures to end his annoyance. Zara wants Kabeer to understand her perception. He feels she is very lovely and have good intentions, but her perception isn’t right. He fails to understand her choices. He wakes up Zara for Sehri. Zara finds Ruksar spoiling things in kitchen. Zara warns Ruksar against her dirty games.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika and Sahil argue publicly. Vedika slaps Sahil when he punches Yash’s face. Sahil asks Yash who is he to come in between. Vedika tells Sahil that Yash is her fiancé. Sahil loses his cool. Vedika doesn’t want Sahil to interfere in her family matter. She asks Sahil to stay away. She thinks if she turns bitter towards Sahil, he may dislike her and move on in life with Nidhi. She lies to Sahil about her relation with Yash. Sahil doesn’t understand why she hates him. She gets rude to him and feels the pain. Later, Vedika visits Sahil’s house in a bridal getup. She is going to marry Yash. Sahil gets busy in the puja. Vedika makes a dramatic entry. Sahil gets surprised seeing her. Vedika is doing the drama to know the culprit behind Arya’s MMS. Vedika tells Sahil that she is going to be bahu of his family. She asks him won’t he welcome her. Sahil asks her does she really want to marry him. Sahil receives a shock when she reveals her marriage decision.


Jiji Maa:
Falguni takes an entry in Rawat mansion. She helps Uttara and wins everyone’s heart. Her aim is to find the will. She wants to know about Uttara’s motives. She feels the legal will can help her find evidences against Uttara.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar cooks food for Kulfi. She helps him in presentation. Sikandar gets aware of Lovely’s evil plan. He confronts Lovely for the big cheat. He explains her that they can’t get success for Amyra in such a way. He asks Lovely to mould Amyra the right way, so that she also feels confident and proud of her talents. He feels cheated by Lovely. He is against Lovely’s greed for fame. He loses trust on Lovely. He dreams to have a happy family. He wants Lovely to mend her ways. He feels heartbroken. Lovely hides the fact that she is taking advantage of Kulfi’s talents. Sikandar will be knowing that Lovely is using Kulfi’s voice.


Imli is crossing all limits to take her revenge. She plans to kill Vivaan and Saanvi. Vivaan saves Saanvi’s life. He realizes that there is some enemy in the haveli, who reaches his room and planned the ceiling fan accident. Chakor and Suraj get worried for Vivaan. Chakor gets scared. She feels someone has planned this accident. Suraj refuses to believe it. Imli doesn’t want to get defeated by Chakor and Vivaan. Archana advises her to leave her madness and stop chasing Chakor. Imli still wants to ruin down Chakor. She holds Chakor responsible for her life’s destruction. Imli turns more evil and targets the elderly Tejaswini to send Suraj away from home. She manages to drug Tejaswini to send her to hospital.

Piyaa Albela:

Meghna gets Kunal home. Everyone assumes Kunal to be the culprit. Naren and Rahul vent out anger on Kunal. Meghna stops them. She tells them that Kunal didn’t molest her. Neelima gets taunting Meghna in a bad way. Pooja asks Neelima not to judge anyone. She scolds Neelima for hurting Meghna’s feelings by harsh words. Pooja feels Meghna can’t see, but Meghna has a strong sixth sense. Harish gets upset when his family is questioned by the media. He wants the drama to end soon. He doesn’t want Meghna in the family for his own reasons. Harish turns rude towards her. Rahul beats up Kunal. He is afraid that he may lose the property. Naren and Rahul get convinced that Kunal is wrong. They get into an argument with Meghna.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan and Diya finally confess love in their romantic moment. They have overcome all the hurdles. Ratan proposes her in a filmi way. Diya accepts his love proposal. They forget all their differences regarding age and background. Diya then gets blackmailed about the family. Ratan gets gifts for her. He finds Diya tensed. He tells her to ask him anything she wants, he will fulfill all her wishes. Diya asks Ratan not to gift her anything, his love is fake, she just wants freedom from the duties, she is fed up being his protector. She ruins the gifts. She yells on Ratan. She doesn’t want to accept Ratan’s love. Ratan doesn’t understand what she wants and why is she reacting so weird. Diya is helpless as the terrorists are threatening her.


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