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Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni’s mehendi ceremony will be seen. Teni and Iqbal have a dance. Teni gets into a cute moment with Parth. She has regained her memory, and is just acting of memory loss to stay away from Parth. Teni doesn’t want to break Iqbal’s heart, as she has come too far now. Iqbal’s mum gets much happy. She welcomes Teni on dhol nagada beats. She makes Teni feel like a princess. Teni dances with everyone. She is making a new start of her life. Indu and Iqbal’s mum have an argument. Indu doesn’t show any enthusiasm. They both want their son’s lives to get better.


Vivaan gets attacked by Imli yet again. He got saved from Imli twice. She makes the third attempt and sends the goons to kill Vivaan. The goons attack Vivaan and beat him up. Vivaan fights back with the goons. He saves his life. Imli is angry on his return. She lost focus on Chakor because of Vivaan. She wants Vivaan to die and never create troubles for him. Vivaan is not aware that Imli is the mastermind. He asks the goon on whose saying did he made the attack. The goon denies to reveal any information. He tells Vivaan that he got the command on call. Imli signs the goons to run away.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Vin gets heartbroken knowing Riddhi is married. He gets angry on Riddhi and asks her to go home to spend time with her husband. He excludes her from work. Siddhi feels bad and wonders the reason for his rudeness. She cleans his room and gets a ring. She wonders if Vin wants to move on in life, if he is in love with someone. She fears to lose Vin. Vin gets arrogant towards her on finding her spying.

Meri HaniKarak Biwi:

Akhilesh gets a new problem. He finds Ira meeting Devina at the hospital. He learns Devina has come as chief guest in the felicitation problem. Ira looks forward to meet the doctor she idolizes. She goes to meet the chief guest. She meets Devina. Devina doesn’t know Dr. Ira. She hears Ira’s voice and wants to see her, finding her voice familiar to Akhilesh’s wife Iravati. Akhilesh doesn’t want Ira’s truth to come out at ant cost. He rushes to stop Ira from meeting Devina.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Kakisa is not letting Ratan and Diya meet. After the problems, Kakisa stays stressed about Ratan’s security. Ratan tells Kakusa that Kakisa isn’t letting him meet Diya. He asks Kakusa to talk to Kakisa and explain her. He asks him to understand his problem. Kakusa tells him that he can’t explain her anything, she is out of his control. Yash finds a way to help Ratan. He makes an excuse and takes Ratan with him for the urgent work. Kakisa asks Ratan to come back to her soon. Ratan finds a chance to meet Diya. He tells her that Kakisa is keeping both of them busy in work intentionally, but Yash saved him by excuse. Kakisa breaks Ratan and Diya’s romance.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki wants Tetar to get votes and win the elections. Anaro is sure that Tetar will win. She gets new clothes for him. She congratulates him for the victory in advance. He tells her that legal documentation are more important than clothes. He asks her to help him arranging the papers. Nimki comes ahead to help him. Anaro gets angry with Nimki’s speech. Babbu is much happy seeing Tetar’s fame in the village. Babbu tells Tetar that none can stop him from winning now. Nimki is supporting Tetar well. She gives a good idea to publicize Tetar more. Tetar likes the ideas. Nimki wants to go on a holiday with Babbu Singh.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay and his entire family make a smart move to trap Pankaj. Vijay asks Agastya to convince Pankaj with love and boast of his powers to make him confess his evil doings. There will be a high point in the story. Mandira will help Vijay to get him back in his life. Mandira doesn’t let Bulbul take the credits. She puts more efforts to win the challenge and throw out Bulbul from his life. She finds it a big opportunity to win Vijay.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan and Pankti have no idea that Reyansh is their old enemy JD. Reyansh has won their trust and confident. He has got an entry home with his new identity. Everyone believes that Reyansh is shaping Ahaan and Pankti’s career. Reyansh/JD wants to separate Ahaan and Pankti forever. He plans to prove his affair with Pankti to break the lovers. JD will be testing Ahaan’s belief once again. On the other hand, Tara plots to get Aarohi arrested. Aarohi had taken revenge from Deep. She wishes he becomes her shield once again and save her from Tara’s accusations. Later, Poorva throws a party for Pankti. Reyansh and Ahaan also enjoy the feast. Reyansh/JD worries when his mask starts peeling off. He makes an excuse and runs from there to save his identity from disclosing.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni shows him a fake picture of Falguni and Lazer together. Suyash gets convinced that Lazer isn’t Falguni. Lazer reminds Suyash about Falguni. She wants to utilize her ten days stay in Rawat house well. Falguni asks Suyash how can a marriage relation stay without any trust. She indirectly reminds him about his mistakes. She asks Suyash not to lie to her. She turns into Suyash’s friend. Suyash learns that Lazer has done a lot to develop Ambua village. She has made Teja and Punja independent by registering their own company. Teja gets grateful to Falguni, who got them out of Uttara’s slavery. The villagers find Falguni’s thinking good. They miss out Lazer in the village.

Ye Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Naina sees Sameer dancing with the girls. She gets jealous. She picks Sameer’s shoes and goes to scare him. Sameer stops dancing on finding her angry. Naina leaves from the classroom. Sameer goes barefoot to get his shoes back. She hurts him when he troubles her. Naina wants to become Miss Fresher along with Sameer, who is prepared to become Mr. Fresher.


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