Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s big twist: A short leap to change IshRa’s terms again

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Ishita finds Adi taking the bad extreme step of ruining Roshni’s life by throwing acid over her face. Roshni pleads for her life. Ishita loses out her control on Adi completely when he turns devilish. Ishita thinks to shoot down Adi to stop him from harming Roshni. Ishita tells Adi that she loves him a lot, and doesn’t want him to commit any crime. She asks Adi to think of the values that she taught him, that’s to respect a woman and her life. She asks Adi to leave Roshni free. She tries hard to convince him to come back to her and family.

Adi tells them that he doesn’t want Roshni, as she doesn’t love him anymore. He gets hell bent to punish Roshni. Shagun asks Adi to stop his madness. Adi turns crazy. Ishita shoots at him, while he sustains the shot and gets mad to ruin Roshni’s life. Ishita cries out her pain to shoot Adi twice. Adi gets shot by his Ishimaa’s hands, with whom he has shared life’s happiness and sorrow. Adi didn’t imagine Ishita would take his life some day.

Even Ishita didn’t imagine that Adi will drive her to this point some day. Ishita finds it shattering when she sees Adi dying in front of her eyes. Shagun and Aaliya witness the moment and find Ishita’s step justified as she had to save Roshni’s life. They also have the emotional turmoil on seeing Adi dying. Adi’s evil act move comes to an end. Ishita, Shagun and Aaliya recollect the moments they have spent with Adi.

The show takes a leap of eight months. Ishita does some good deeds by giving away charity at a NGO. Ishita gets praised for her humble donation. Ishita prays that Pihu gets freed from juvenile home. Ishita wants to bring good moments in the orphans’ lives. She finds it hard to pass eight months without her children. Ishita goes to meet Pihu, who is getting released. Ishita and Raman are seen in their happy worlds. Raman is happy that Pihu is coming home. Ishita collects the sweets from the shop. She wishes Pihu stays happy. Mrs. Bhalla gets troubled by Simmi and Parmeet.

Parmeet wants revenge from Raman and Ishita. He doesn’t feel the revenge got completed. Mrs. Bhalla warns him against ruining the family. She asks him to mind his own business if he wants to live with them. Parmeet doesn’t mend his ways. He feels Bhallas are wrong to not understand Simmi. He reminds that Simmi has filed a case against them. The house gets dominated by Simmi. Iyers and Bhallas get together to welcome Pihu.

Aaliya manages the Bhalla house. She doesn’t let Raman get occupied by work. She wants to handle the project alone. She asks Raman to get Pihu home and spend time. Aaliya shows her frustration over her relationship with Adi. She wants to get away from Adi’s memories. Raman reaches the temple to do the puja with the family. He learns Pihu is getting released an hour ago. Pihu gets her belongings from the warden. She passes eight months without the family. She thanks the wardens for taking care of her and making her feel like home. Wardens shower love on her and wish her all the best for her new life. Ishita and Raman reach the juvenile home to get Pihu. Then they seem to be at cross routes. Raman expresses his hatred for Ishita, as she had killed Adi. They hide the truth from Pihu.



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