Ikyawann: Satya re-attempts to rescue Susheel

Susheel's existence

Sejal and Kali guess that Leela is hiding at home, as the resources are getting used. Sejal gets Satya’s message. He confirms that Leela is at home. Sejal tells Kali that Leela is stealing the food and resources from home. They come up with a plan to distract Leela. Satya tells them that he will try to fool Leela, by making some plan with Sarthi. He tries to find the cameras in the room. He wishes he get some help to reach Susheel. Satya gets to see a hidden camera. He gets happy with his first victory. He feels luck is supporting him. He loads a picture to fool Leela. Leela wakes up at the moment and asks him where is he. Satya gets happy that his plan is working. He gets freed from Leela.

Sarthi gets a helper to hack the cameras and locate the place from which the cameras are remotely handled. She calls Satya to tell her plan. Satya and Sarthi get together to hunt for Leela.

Sarthi asks Satya to do something to fool Leela for time being. She enters the house to leave the tracker, till Satya argues with Sejal and Kali in a loud way to distract Leela. Leela wishes Satya forgives her. Leela gets happy seeing Satya taking her side. Satya requests Kali to take the drama ahead in order to keep Leela engaged. Sejal and Kali’s drama goes on. Leela gets angry seeing them. Sarthi and Satya try to locate the cameras. Will Leela learn their planning? Keep reading.


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