Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Ratan and Diya’s happy union next


Diya asks Ratan to arrange a charter plane for her. Ratan asks what’s the reason. She agrees to the terrorist’s demand and tells Ratan that she is leaving from the house. She gets blackmailed. She acts rude towards Ratan. She packs her bags. Ratan helps her. She throws away his photo. He gets upset. She then writes a letter for Ratan, in which she expresses her feelings. She writes an apology. After Diya leaves, Ratan gets angry on himself. He ends up hurting his hand to test her loyalty. Diya finds Ratan hurt and runs to help him. He tells her that he has seen her love, then why does she want to go away from him. She then reveals to him how she is worried for his life. On learning the matter, Ratan relieves her worries.

Ratan romances Diya. He makes Diya confess love to him. She confesses love to him. They come up with a plan to nab the terrorist, who doesn’t know their understanding. Ratan and Diya reach the place to get rid of the terrorist. Ratan hugs Diya and asks her to take care. She sends him away.

The terrorist attacks Diya and tries to kill her. He wants to make an easy escape. Diya boldly fights with him. After a long fight sequence, Ratan intervenes and beats up the bad guy. He gets things in control and gets the terrorist arrested. Police thanks Diya for helping them. Diya gets a salute from them. Ratan too salutes Diya for her bold step. He gives her a rose and proposes her, asking her to accept his proposal this time. Diya apologizes for her rudeness, as she was helpless before. She accepts Ratan’s proposal and hugs him. They have a happy union.


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