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Ye Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer confesses love to Naina. He proposes her. Naina accepts his love proposal. Sameer finds her at the temple. They spend some quality time. College girls don’t leave a chance to flirt with Sameer. The girls taunt Naina to be a Bahen ji. Naina turns the girls jealous, as she is the queen of Sameer’s heart.

Udaan: Imli plans a fatal attack on Vivaan. She reaches Vivaan at night. She gets a knife to stab him to death. She proceeds towards Vivaan to make him sleep forever. Imli finds Vivaan a big threat for her. Vivaan gets alert. He wakes up and asks who is she. He gets a big shock seeing an assassin in the room. Imli hides her face in the darkness. She fails to kill him. Vivaan tries to find her. Imli runs to Archana’s room, where she hides always. She changes the disguise so that Vivaan doesn’t identify her. Vivaan doubts that its Imli. He wants to catch Imli and punish her for all the tortures she did on her.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan drops Diya at the helipad. He tells her that he will always wait for her, till the end of his life. He confesses love to Diya. She hugs him and tries to remove the dangerous locket from his neck. Diya succeeds to pull off the chain. She wants to save Ratan. He tells her that he has just loved her, and promises to change himself to the level possible. He tells her that he is selfish, as he wants her in his life. She asks him to fulfill one condition. Ratan asks her what is it. She asks him to get a cactus plant for her. He finds it weird, but agrees to get the cactus flower for her. She asks him to get it fast, till she waits for him. Ratan runs to the jungle area and gets the cactus flower for her. She then reminds him their age difference and their opinions. He tells her that he doesn’t care for any differences now. He hugs her when she accepts his love.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

There will be many twists and turns before the show takes a happy ending. Ipshita calls Teni as Maa. Teni gets emotional hearing a lovely word from her daughter. Teni then gets angry on Parth for plotting this by using a child. She asks Parth not to force her to accept him. She hugs Ipshita. She asks Ipshita not to spoil her mehendi. She asks Parth to manage his daughter. Iqbal and his mum get a big shock on knowing this link. She asks him to take a decision, does he want to go through this pain and still stay back. She says I can’t see you in such pain, I can’t accept Teni as your wife now.


Sameer has done a big mistake by proposing Soumya for marriage. Soumya is much hurt. She feels sorry to slap Sameer. She decides to leave Sameer’s house. She is ready to face new problems after leaving the shelter. Soumya doesn’t want Sameer to have any such dreams. She thinks to leave for a new journey, unaware of the destination. She recalls the drama that happened in Sameer’s birthday. She hugs a teddy and shares her problems. She packs her bag. Sameer’s mum meets Soumya and tries to feed her food. She pampers Soumya as a mother. She doesn’t want Sameer to get Soumya’s love forcibly. She feels Sameer has taken the step hurriedly, which resulted bad.

Savitri Devi College and Hospital:

Kabir has made a new plan. He is using Sanchi’s secret to control her. He has made Sanchi his target. Kabir is torturing Sanchi. He gets her on a special dinner date, against her will. Kabir loves Sanchi a lot. His love has become an obsession now. Kabir’s love has become a punishment for her. She refuses to have food by his hands. She asks him not to punish Veer because of her. She worries for Veer. She says Veer is also upset and hungry, I won’t have food till my husband is fed. She tells Kabir that she is Veer’s wife, she can’t love anyone.

Kabir asks what about the arrangements which I did by heart. She tells him that he can’t force his feelings on her, he can make her away from Veer by his dirty tricks, but he can’t make her close to himself. She scolds his sick mentality. She feels bad to ask Veer to leave from the hospital. She thinks of the misbehavior, which could have broken Veer’s heart. She behaved badly with Veer, because of Kabir’s threatening. Kabir is using Sunny’s matter. He has evidence of Sunny’s evidence. He blackmails Sanchi about Sunny’s mistake. She turns helpless to listen to him.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja accuses Anuj to be the rapist, and soon she realizes that he can’t do such heinous crime as he swears on his unborn baby. She thinks his sherwani button was intact and thinks whoever had done the crime, must have gone to the nearby tailor to get his shirt button stitched. Meanwhile, court trial begins, Prosecution tries to get Anuj jailed. Pooja manages to meet the tailor who had stitched the sherwani button of the guilty. While she was taking him to court, she stops the car seeing glass pieces on road. She gets down the road and realizes someone wants to stop her from reaching court. Someone attacks Pooja and makes her unconscious. He kidnaps the tailor and takes him in his car. Pooja sees his glimpse, but couldn’t see his face. Naren reaches there and she tells him about the attack. Naren realizes Anuj is innocent and criminal is someone else.


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