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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Arya’s MMS gets leaked by Nidhi’s conspiracy. The media reaches Arya. Vedika gets angry on the media. Vedika tries to stop the media from asking bad questions to Arya. She protects Arya. She is upset as Arya is much defamed. Sahil decides to help Arya even if Vedika doesn’t want him. Sahil and Vedika meet at Arya’s school. Destiny brings them together. Sahil talks to Arya and scolds the kids who trouble Arya. Sahil pacifies Arya. He encourages Arya to fight with her problems.

Piyaa Albela:

The family happily gets Meghna home. Happiness returns in Meghna’s life. Kunal proposes Meghna. He makes her wear the ring, Meghna stops him and isn’t much convinced. Naren, Pooja and the family explain her that Kunal’s love is true. They convince Meghna to accept Kunal. Meghna cares for Kunal and his family. Meghna tells Kunal that she wants his life to be easy. He tells her that this is her love that she is worried for his future. Meghna then accepts his proposal on his insistence. He promises to face all the hurdles in their lives, when she is with him. Meghna and Kunal get engaged again.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Bulbul and Mandira make the plan to help Agastya. They have done their best and brought Pankaj’s truth out. Mandira gets scared that her dad can know about her move to help Vijay. She gets saved as she takes a disguise. It gets an emotional moment for Vijay and family, when Pankaj speaks the truth that he has murdered Prabhat and framed Vijay in the crime. They succeed in their aim with much difficulty.

Imli locks Chakor in the washroom. She tries to stamp bandhua sign on Saanvi’s hand. Chakor gets free from Imli’s plans. She reaches Imli and finds Saanvi in danger. Chakor attacks Imli with a rod. She scolds Imli and asks her not to dare touch her daughter. Imli locks Chakor in the washroom. she says I will not stop now, as its already much late, I will not leave your little daughter, I want to turn her into my bandhua. She turns Chakor mad by her evil. She says Saanvi’s fate should be like Chakor.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Ruksar tells Kabeer that she loves him a lot. She hugs him while confessing love. She asks him to accept her, she will love him more than Zara. He asks her what’s this madness, she should realize her mistakes, she can’t make wrong demands. She proposes him. He instantly rejects her love proposal. She doesn’t lose. She tries hard to influence him by her beauty. She says its my dream to marry you, till when shall I see you with Zara, I can’t share your love with anyone. He tells her that this can’t happen, as he is married to Zara. He says Zara is my life, forget whatever happened, start a new life, don’t do wrong. Kabeer asks Ruksar to know her limits. Zara gets to see their argument. She gets happy that Kabeer values marriage relation so much.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

After the leap, Pihu meets Ishita, when Raman stops the latter from entering his house. Everyone hates Ishita. Raman doesn’t want Ishita to meet Pihu and Ruhi. Ruhi gets into an argument with Raman. She makes a way for Pihu to meet Ishita. Ishita is happy as Ruhi and Pihu are understanding her. She knows Raman’s wrath will shower on children if they come to her by going against him. Ishita gets happy and makes a paratha for Pihu. She feeds Pihu. She has fallen lonely, as everyone is against her now. Raman is in big sorrow. Raman drinks wine to forget his sorrow. He misses Ishita. He tries to forget Ishita, as he can’t forgive her. Ruhi stops him from drinking. She takes Ishita’s side. Ruhi tries to explain him that Ishita can never think ill about them.


Rudra is upset with the misunderstanding that he is going to become a dad. He leaves from the house. Bhavya tells Shivay that Rudra isn’t at home, he left from the house and was much tensed. Shivay and Omkara assure Bhavya that they will get Rudra home. They head to the pub to find Rudra. They find Rudra dancing and enjoying. They scold Rudra for troubling Bhavya and having fun at the pub. Rudra tells them that he is trying to get rid of his sorrow, his life is ruined now. He clears that he was trying to forget the shock by partying, he wants to live his life on his terms, but a disaster happened. Rudra cries out. They ask him what’s the matter. Rudra tells them that he is going to become a father.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Indu asks Parth to tell Ipshita about Teni’s truth. Parth gets tensed. He worries about Ipshita’s reaction that she may hate him on knowing the truth. Indu tells him that if Ipshita knows the truth by someone else, Ipshita will not believe them again. She asks why are you scared to tell the truth to Ipshita, what will she go through if she learns this from Iqbal, she will hate us, and you won’t be able to bear her hatred now. She insists him to get courage and share the truth, as its Ipshita’s right. Indu wants Parth and Ipshita’s bond to stay good. Ipshita overhears their conversation. She understands that Teni is the one who gave her birth. She gets emotional to know Teni is her mum. Parth tells her that she has two mothers, Shorvori and Teni. He tells that Shorvori is not with them now, but she will always be with them in heart, but she has Teni around her. Ipshita tells him that she will try to stop Teni in their lives.


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