Ikyawann: Satya devises a new plan to track Leela


Leela fails to know Satya and Sarthi’s plans, as she stays engaged with Sejal and Kali’s drama. Satya tries to locate the cameras hidden in the house. He is sure to trace Leela and reach her to save Susheel from the captivity. Satya fails to track the cameras. His attempt turns futile as Leela learns someone is trying to find her. She succeeds to hide from Satya. Leela threatens to destroy everyone if they mock her further. Satya calls Sarthi and tells her that remote is faulty, he couldn’t find Leela’s location. She gives him another idea of tracking Leela by observing her footprints.

Kali tells Satya that things are going missing from kitchen, Leela maybe using the resources. Kali and Satya make a plan to use radium powder and tempt Leela to come to the kitchen, so that they can follow Leela by the radium marks.

Satya gets happy to trap Leela. Leela punishes Sejal and stays busy till Satya lays the web for her. Satya fools Leela once again. He tells Leela that he will listen to her now. Sejal understands he is devising a plan again. Sejal bears Leela’s tortures so that Satya goes ahead to nab Leela. She wants to save Susheel and then get Leela punished by the law. Leela finds Kali making her favorite dish. She gets tempted to get the food for herself. Satya is sure to catch Leela during the act. He follows Leela to reach Susheel. Will Satya succeed this time? Keep reading.


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