Ishqbaaz: Obros’ take on fatherhood to bring cute moments

Ishqbaaz: Celebrations times for Oberois

Shivay gets confused with Anika’s over sweet behavior. She likes to maintain the suspense. She asks him to come for breakfast. He asks her to say what’s the matter. Bhavya gets panicking and tells them that Rudra is missing. She tells them that she is unable to contact Rudra. Anika asks Bhavya not to worry. She asks if they had any fight. Bhavya tells them that she didn’t had any argument with Rudra. She worries for Rudra. Khanna tells them how Rudra seemed lost when he left the house. Bhavya traces Rudra’s phone. Shivay and Omkara tell her that they will find Rudra. They check at his regular hangouts. They then reach the pub and find him dancing with the girls. On confronting Rudra, he tells them about his big problem. Shivay asks Rudra why is he making them worry for him by partying early morning. Rudra tells them that his life is finished because of a big sorrow. He cries in front of his elder brothers.

He tells them that this problem can upset any guy. He spells out the problem, that Bhavya is expecting a child. He feels the problem will end his marital bliss. He tells them that Bhavya didn’t tell him anything, but he has understood this by seeing her symptoms. Rudra doesn’t want to become a dad so early in his life. Omkara scolds him for partying alone, when he had to stay with Bhavya in such unwell state. Rudra tells them that Dadi has confirmed about the good news, Bhavya is pregnant. Shivay and Omkara get happy with the good news. Rudra tells them that he is going to become a father very soon and this is the thing ruining his senses. Shivay asks Rudra not to stay sorrowful. Rudra mentions that he isn’t ready to take the responsibility, he doesn’t want to share his life with anyone.

He explains his insecurities when anyone younger to him will come home and end his value. He cries out many silly issues, which leave them dumbstruck. Rudra imagines his life after having a child. Omkara jokes on Rudra’s foolishness. Shivay asks Rudra not to take stress, as he has to become a father some day. Shivay doesn’t feel this is a problem. Rudra explains that he is still young, he wants to enjoy his life. Shivay informs Anika that Rudra is with him, he is fine. Bhavya worries for Rudra and wants to talk to him. Shivay asks Anika to let Rudra come home first and then talk out the issues.

Anika feels Shivay is hiding some matter. She asks Bhavya not to worry, as Shivay will handle the matter. Rudra apologizes to his brothers, as his time will also get divided from now. Omkara asks Rudra not to be selfish and think of them, the family will be happy with the good news. Shivay asks Rudra to think of Obros and their unity. He tells Rudra to look at the brighter side, children are good to come in life, and maybe Rudra can enjoy his life’s new changes. Shivay gets confused by hearing out Rudra. He feels maybe he too won’t accept fatherhood so early in life.


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