Udaan: Chakor attacks Imli to fail her evil motives

Udaan: Raghav to enter Chakor's life

Imli always wanted to ruin Chakor’s life. She is ready to cross the limits of evil. She targets Saanvi again. She sends Chakor and Suraj away, so that she can get done with her motives. Suraj hires Archana as Saanvi’s Nanny again. He gets against Chakor and her fears. He asks Chakor to let Archana manage Saanvi.

Imli locks Chakor in the washroom. she says I will not stop now, as its already much late, I will not leave your little daughter, I want to turn her into my bandhua. She turns Chakor mad by her evil. She says Saanvi’s fate should be like Chakor. She tries to stamp bandhua sign on Saanvi’s hand. Chakor asks Imli to open the door. Imli asks her not to shout, she will look after Saanvi. Chakor fails to reach Saanvi. She gets few things in the washroom and breaks the glass to open the door. She asks Imli not to do anything to Saanvi, else she will not spare her. Chakor worries thinking what is Imli doing. Chakor gets free from Imli’s plans. She reaches Imli and finds Saanvi in danger. Chakor attacks Imli with a rod. She scolds Imli and asks her not to dare touch her daughter. She takes Saanvi with her. Will Chakor be able to prove Imli’s truth? Keep reading.


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