Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi to solely support Ishita in testing times


After the leap, Pihu meets Ishita, when Raman stops the latter from entering his house. Everyone hates Ishita. Raman doesn’t want Ishita to meet Pihu and Ruhi. Ruhi gets into an argument with Raman. She makes a way for Pihu to meet Ishita. Ishita is happy as Ruhi and Pihu are understanding her. She knows Raman’s wrath will shower on children if they come to her by going against him. Ishita gets happy and makes a paratha for Pihu. She feeds Pihu. She has fallen lonely, as everyone is against her now. Raman is in big sorrow. Raman drinks wine to forget his sorrow. He misses Ishita. He tries to forget Ishita, as he can’t forgive her. Ruhi stops him from drinking. She takes Ishita’s side. Ruhi tries to explain him that Ishita can never think ill about them.

Raman tells her that killing someone can’t be the only option, Ishita should have not killed Adi, she must have waited for him to reach there and explain Adi, she must have not snatched Adi from them forever. He tells her that things would have not spoiled so much if Ishita didn’t take Adi’s life. He gets angry on Ruhi. He tells Ruhi that Ishita is dead for him. He asks her not to mention Ishita’s name in front of him again.

Raman and Ishita’s hatred story is seen again. Shagun shows her hatred towards Ishita and Pihu, who both are termed as murderers because of Adi and Ananya’s case. Shagun tells Aaliya that she has raised Pihu, but she knows Pihu is Ishita’s daughter, Ishita has killed Adi and now she doesn’t want to meet Pihu. She just wants to focus on Aaliya’s life. Aaliya feels Pihu shouldn’t be troubled.

Aaliya tells Ruhi that Ishita has killed Adi to save Roshni’s life, as Adi was taking a wrong step, Ishita had to do it and I can understand, but the family has lost Adi forever. Ruhi also feels Ishita did the right thing. They all know the family’s sorrow. Ruhi asks Aaliya why did she lie to Pihu about Shagun. Aaliya says Shagun has left NGO work, she stopped meeting people and bonding, she is in depression, if she is in city, you can take Pihu to her.

Aaliya explains her that Shagun likes to be alone, she needs time to forgive Ishita. Ruhi feels Shagun can get fine seeing Pihu. Aaliya says you have no idea what’s happened, Shagun has developed a dislike for Pihu. Ruhi asks Aaliya to make Shagun meet Pihu. Aaliya tells her that Shagun hates Pihu now.

Ruhi wonders how can Shagun disown Pihu this way. She says why is this happening with Pihu, who is not at fault. She worries seeing the family breaking. Ruhi says Ishita should meet Shagun and explain her. Aaliya says Ishita has no time for us, she left all of us for Roshni, who is most important for her, Ishita is living with Roshni at her place and now I have no expectations from her. She refuses to meet Ishita. Aaliya expresses her annoyance with Ishita. She says even Shagun and I have no time for Ishita, we will not go to her again. She asks Ruhi to understand Ishita has parted ways with entire family. Ruhi will be joining back the family again. Ruhi promises to stand with Ishita.


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