Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Diya to break her pregnancy news to Ratan


Mohena and Diya give the good news of their pregnancy to the family. Kesar Mahal gets double celebrations. Kakisa gets very happy knowing Diya’s good news. Diya tells Kakisa that she has found a way to break the good news to Ratan. She says I will make Ratan play with the kids and then tell him about my pregnancy. Ratan gets worried while managing the kids. He feels he is still young and doesn’t need any such big responsibility. Diya tells Ratan that they have to manage the kids, as Kakisa invited them. Ratan tells Diya that he doesn’t like kids at all. Diya finds Ratan getting angry because of the kids. Ratan tells her that he can’t stand naughty kids.

Kakisa does aarti of Diya and Mohena. Yash is very happy to embrace fatherhood. Kakisa blesses both the couples. She asks Ratan and Yash to take care of their wives.

She says husband has to fulfill his wife’s every wish and look after her carefully, a mother needs sensitive care in such pregnant state. Ratan and Diya also give their wishes to Yash and Mohena. Kakisa is happy to welcome two babies. She wants Ratan to accept Diya’s pregnancy news happily. She lets Diya handle the matter and convince Ratan. Kakisa is sure that Ratan will feel responsible when his child comes in the world. Kakisa feels the family is finally getting happiness.


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