Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: An emotional let down for Aaliya

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking drama with Adi's return

Ishita arrives at Bhalla house to meet Pihu. Raman stops her from meeting Pihu. He feels she is a bad shadow over his children. He locks Pihu in the room. He doesn’t let Ishita’s wish get fulfilled. He makes her out of the house. Ishita then gets a surprise when Pihu comes to meet her. She prepares food for Pihu. They have food together. They spend some good time. On the other hand, Ruhi explains Raman that he can’t punish Ishita forever, just because she has punished Adi. She says Ishita loves Pihu, who can’t understand his hatred. She asks Raman to let Pihu free to meet Ishita. Raman gets angry that Pihu isn’t understanding him and going to meet Ishita.

He tells Ruhi that the family can never get back together. He recalls the family moments. He misses Ishita, but doesn’t express. Ishita too regrets for her deed, but she was helpless to make that move. Ruhi and Aaliya also worry for the incident. They get emotional and support each other in the sorrowful moment. Aaliya learns that Roshni is pregnant with Adi’s child. She gets angry with Adi’s deceive. She feels Adi deserved to die. She gets upset with the fact that Ishita is supporting Roshni, who cheated her too. Aaliya wants Ishita to be with her, rather than Roshni.


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