Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi to oppose Raman’s harsh behavior


Raman gets angry on Ishita for killing Adi. Mihika and Romi handle Raman. Pihu insists Mihika for letting her meet Raman. Mihika tells her that Ishita is responsible for the house breaking. Ruhi reprimands Mihika for making Pihu against Ishita. She makes Mihika apologize for her opinion. She tells Pihu that she can’t explain her anything as its way too complicated. She tells Pihu that Ishita is their mum and they can’t hate her. Romi feels Raman is wrong to create a scene every day. Mihika asks him to understand Raman. Romi gets upset as the house looked bad to him, he misses his family. She asks him to think about Pihu. Mihika manages the household work. The family faces a problem by Simmi and Parmeet, who try their best to bring discomfort for the family. Simmi wants to avenge Ananya’s death. She doesn’t feel Pihu has been punished fairly.

Meanwhile, Ishita gets a notice from secretary. She has to vacate the house after Raman’s drama. She calls the broker to arrange a new house. She tells him that she wants to stay close to Raman’s house, even if Raman is against. Pihu makes a video call to Ishita, which makes her very happy. She tells Ishita that she is going on lunch with the family. She thanks Romi for making her talk to Ishita. Raman gets to see Ishita on video call. He scolds Romi and Pihu. Ishita worries seeing Raman’s anger on Pihu. Ruhi consoles Pihu. She asks Pihu not to worry, she will take her to Ishita. Pihu hurts herself and gets sorrowful.

Ishita doesn’t want Pihu’s childhood to get spoiled. She thinks to help Ishita. Pihu dreams of meeting Ishita. She worries when Raman makes Ishita away and injures her to make her out of their lives. Pihu fears for Ishita’s life. She goes to talk to Raman about Ishita. Raman yells at her for insisting to meet Ishita. Pihu tells him about the bad nightmare. Ruhi stops Raman from locking up Pihu.

Raman asks Ruhi not to teach him treating his child. He scolds Ruhi for interrupting. He reminds Ruhi her limits. Pihu gets keen to meet Ishita. Ruhi tells Raman that Pihu can’t go to anyone, she needs her mum. She asks Raman not to force his hatred on Pihu. She begs Raman to free Pihu, as this can affect her mentally. Pihu denies to stay with Raman because of his harsh behavior. Raman refuses to listen to Ruhi. Parmeet decides to free Pihu so that Raman gets more angry on her.


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