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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet frees Pihu from the locked room by breaking the lock. He aims to anger Raman by revealing that Pihu has run away to meet Ishita. Raman doesn’t know about Pihu getting freed. Parmeet helps Pihu with Ishita’s address. Pihu assumes Ruhi to be helping her. She gets glad to get an opportunity to meet Ishita. Pihu goes alone to meet Ishita. Ishita gets surprised seeing Pihu. Pihu lies to her that Ruhi has dropped her. Ishita and Pihu spend some good times together. Ishita misses the old times. Pihu also observes Ishita’s loneliness. She feels bad that the family has ended ties with Ishita. Ishita doesn’t justify why she has killed Adi. She stays happy with Pihu in the moment. They cook together and have a good time. Ruhi learns that Pihu has run away from the house. She understands that Pihu has gone to meet Ishita. She doesn’t learn who has helped Pihu run away.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

sends Kartik to the same apartment where Naira lives. She hopes that Kartik and Naira meet. She informs Manish about her plan. He also gets fingers crossed, hoping something good eventually happens for KaiRa. Suwarna gets stressed knowing Kartik didn’t reach the hotel. She tries to connect to him to know his whereabouts. Suwarna and Surekha have a clash at home. Suwarna doesn’t allow Surekha organize a party at home for Lav and Kush. Surekha feels humiliated in front of her friends when Suwarna decides everything at home. Surekha confronts Suwarna for not thinking good for Lav and Kush, who also deserve some place and rights on the house. Suwarna explains her that she has refused for the party to ensure their safety.


After Shivay explains the family the consequences of having a child by getting under family pressure, Anika feels sorry to hide a big news from him. Gauri expresses her views on the matter. She tells him that children are happiness, they mean a world to parents, its not wrong if society asks a couple to have children, they aren’t asking them to experience anything terrible. She tells Shivay that babies are really blessings from Lord. She asks Shivay to think of the good time when he gets his child and enjoys life with him. She asks Obros to imagine their children, its really good to have such moments of joy, which will end all the sorrow and problems in their lives. Anika agrees with Gauri. She wants to experience motherhood.


Leela asks Satya not to take Susheel’s name in front of her, else she will commit a crime like killing Susheel. She scares Satya. She tells him that she didn’t kill Susheel yet. She declares that she won’t come in the house where no one values her, she wants to do something big that they always remember her. Sarthi asks her to show her courage by coming out to them, instead of hiding out. Leela asks her not to interfere in her family matters. She tells them that she is close to kill Susheel but she will give them a fair chance to them to save Susheel’s life. She asks Satya to play a game with her and solve the riddle. Sarthi tells Leela that once she gets Susheel, she will take her away.

Leela tells them that she knows their attempts to trace her, she is well aware of their plans, its all because they love Susheel. Sarthi asks Leela to stop her madness. Satya accepts Leela’s game conditions. He wants to take a big risk in order to save Susheel. Sarthi tells him that he shouldn’t trust Leela. Leela finds Satya too innocent to trust her. Sarthi says Leela is playing with their minds to confuse them more. Satya is ready to put anything at stake to save Susheel. He feels the responsibility to protect his wife. Leela tells him to solve the tough riddle in the given time. She says now Susheel’s fate lies in Satya’s hand. Leela begins her dirty games.

Satya and everyone get busy in finding Leela by solving the riddle. Leela plans to put Susheel in danger. She tells Susheel that when Satya reaches her, the fire will be lit inside the room which will kill her. Satya finds the secret door, which he didn’t know before. Sarthi stops him from opening the door, which can be a trap. Satya tells them that they have to take a risk. Satya learns the tricks posed by Leela. He finds Susheel in fire. Susheel struggles for her life. Leela fools them again and gets away along with Susheel. Leela flees from home. She wants to kill Susheel. Sejal and Satya threaten Leela to come out in open.





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