Jiji Maa: Suyash to fall in Uttara’s dramatic trap

Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness

Suyash doubts on Falguni aka Lazer. He puts Lazer’s photo in app and compares it with Falguni’s photo. He wants to clear his dilemma. He suspects her to be Falguni. He pours water at her and asks her to look at him. He wants to see if her fake dark color gets off by water. Niyati switches off the tap in time. She stops Suyash from troubling Falguni. Falguni understands Suyash’s plan. She deliberately falls in the dirty mud to cover her face. She gets angry on Suyash and taunts him for being a loafer. She asks him not to flirt with her. She scolds him for his cheap character. He tries to clarify. Falguni saves her secret from getting revealed.

His doubt goes more deeper. He is worried thinking she is his wife. He is losing attention in all his work and tasks. He wants the matter to get clear. He visits Falguni’s house to enquire about Lazer. He wishes to forgive Falguni if she comes back in his life.

Later on, Uttara confronts Falguni for her wise tactics. She threatens to hurt Suyash in reply of Falguni’s smart plans. Uttara and Falguni give an Agni pariksha by walking on the glass pieces. Uttara agrees to walk on the glass pieces, laid by the pandit inside the temple. Uttara tells Suyash that she will walk on the glass and pray for his happiness, she is his mum and its her duty to ensure his well being. Suyash stops Uttara and keeps his hands under her feet. Suyash’s hands bleed when he takes all her pain on himself. Uttara stops and cares for Suyash. Falguni sees Suyash’s wounds and cries. She asks the Lord if there is no way to teach a lesson to Uttara, how can Uttara hurt Suyash by taking advantage of his goodness nd love. She recollects how Uttara has threatened her and declared that if she hurts her, then Suyash will also get hurt. She asks Falguni to better act wise if she wants Suyash’s safety. Falguni feels guilty. She also walks on the glass pieces to hurt herself and equal Suyash’s pain.



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