Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Destiny to develop KaiRa’s love story

Yeh Rishta: KaiRa to take a step to fuse harmony in families

A little angel meets Kartik and Naira. She unknowingly tries to get them together. Goenkas and Singhanias meet at Agarwals wedding. The kids miss Kartik and Naira at the wedding. The cold war between the families continue, though they wish to end their distances. The little girl helps Kartik get a relief from his headache. Kartik finds her a happy soul. He opens up his problems in front of her. He asks her about her family. She tells him that the elders at her home are sleeping. She also reveals about Naira, who is the cute girl in their building. She asks Kartik to have tea and get rid of his headache. She tells him that Naira is also cute like him. Kartik bonds with the girl. Suwarna avoids Bhabhimaa, who asks her to forgive Naira.

Bhabhimaa doesn’t want Naira to suffer more. She asks Suwarna to unite back the family. Suwarna confronts Bhabhimaa over punishing Akshara over Dadda ji’s death. The girl rushes to Naira and makes a tea request. She reminds Naira of Kartik. She tells Naira that she has helped the guy who got stuck in the lift. She asks Naira to make tea for Kartik. Naira doesn’t know about Kartik. She goes to meet the guy.

Kartik turns restless and leaves from the building. Naira misses to meet Kartik. Naksh calls up Naitik to take his welfare. Naitik tells Naksh about Naira’s admission in college. He informs that he won’t be able to come. Naksh feels Naitik isn’t fulfilling responsibilities towards him, as he got one sided for Naira. He feels its wrong that Naitik got distanced so much. He tells Kirti that Naitik isn’t doing justice with him, he can’t bear the separation with Naitik, even he equally needs him. Kirti pacifies Naitik. Naira sinks into Kartik’s memories. She misses him deeply.

Manish learns from Lav and Kush that Naira is also in Imperial College. Manish gets much glad and takes this as Lord’s sign to unite the lovers. He feels his prayers got answered. He hopes Kartik and Naira meet at the college. He tells them that Naira will come back soon.

Naira gears up for the first day of her college. She misses Kartik. His memories don’t leave her free. Suwarna doesn’t want Naira to come back in their lives. She wants Naira to give them peace. She tells Manish that Naira should understand that she is out from Kartik’s life. She asks Manish to stop Naira from returning. Manish wishes Kaira to unite, as Kartik can never forget Naira. Naitik wishes all the best to Naira for the first day. Naira goes to college. Kartik is already in the meeting. The college asks Kartik to give a guest lecture. Kartik refuses to interact with the students. The management then convinces him for the lecture. Kartik and Naira get to meet in the class.


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