Ishq Mein Marjawa: Aarohi and Deep’s romance to shape up again


Aarohi romances Deep, while he avoids her. Aarohi doesn’t let him talk. She tells him that she knows he loves her, else he would have not gone against Tara. She thanks Deep for saving her life. Aarohi and Deep’s happy moments will be seen again. Aarohi dances to woo him. Deep finally rushes to save her when she falls. He shows his attitude. She tells him that they are really made for each other. She then does a suicide drama. She threatens him that she will jump down from the balcony. He asks her to stop, as he can’t see her dying. They have a romantic moment.

Aarohi plans a surprise date for Deep. She shows him the cake she made for him. Deep ruins the cake. He asks her to leave from his life. Tara is in jail. She gets into an argument with the jail mate. She beats the jail mate and shows her psychotic side. Constables intervene to control Tara and stop the fight. Tara becomes a threat for her jail mates. Jailer slaps Tara. Tara gets enraged. She doesn’t drop her madness.


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