Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala (PicFiction): Sikandar to learn about his daughter Kulfi

Amyra dislikes Kulfi

Sikandar gets angry on Lovely and confronts her for using some child’s voice to get success for Amyra. She asks him what did he do for Amyra till now. She tells him that she will manage this always. He tells her that she won’t succeed by this deceive, Amyra’s life will get ruined doing such a crime. He asks her what will Amyra do, if she is called at the recording. She asks him not to worry, she will handle everything. She refuses to answer him. He asks her to answer him. He got to know that Amyra is stealing someone’s voice and cheating people to get fame. Lovely wants to make Amyra a star any way.

Kulfi realizes Sikandar is her dad, after hearing his song at the concert. Sikandar and Lovely have a heated argument. Lovely gets tensed that Kulfi’s truth can come out in front of Sikandar. She angrily tells Sikandar that he has done a bigger crime, by hiding about his daughter. Sikandar gets a huge shock on knowing about Nimrat and his daughter. Will Sikandar find his daughter Kulfi? Keep reading.


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