Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Roshni feels guilty over Ishita’s growing grief


Ishita tells Roshni that she has done everything for Roshni and her coming baby. She shows the decorated room to Roshni. She wants Roshni to feel soothing environment around. She keeps the family pictures around. She wants the baby to remain happy forever. She tells Roshni that she should see Adi’s picture so that it connects with the baby. Roshni asks Ishita about the problems she is hiding. She feels Raman shouldn’t behave bad with Ishita. She asks Ishita not to tolerate Raman’s anger.

Ruhi asks Aaliya if Shagun really hates Pihu. Aaliya tells Ruhi that its better to keep Shagun and Pihu apart, since Shagun can turn bitter tongued to hurt Pihu. Ruhi wishes Ishita meets Shagun and sorts the issues. Aaliya tells Ruhi that she will not go to request Ishita, who is just concerned for Roshni.

She tells Ruhi that she isn’t annoyed that Ishita shot Adi to save Roshni’s life, but when she supported Roshni by going against the family, she has committed a big mistake. She feels Ishita shouldn’t have supported Roshni knowing about the pregnancy. Aaliya says its like Ishita supporting Roshni and Adi’s affair, and insulting her. She feels Roshni has encouraged Adi for having an affair, Roshni is also at fault. She feels bad that Adi loved Roshni madly and lost his life, he didn’t think of his wife. Ruhi asks Aaliya not to think of the past.

Aaliya expresses her sorrow. She tells Ruhi that Ishita didn’t think about her dignity, and just went to support Roshni, by discarding the family’s sentiments. She doesn’t want to forgive Roshni and Ishita. Ishita tells Roshni that she is alive just because of Adi’s child.

Ishita recollects the time when she shot Adi and gained hatred from everyone. She reminisces the incidents that occurred after Adi’s death. Raman and Shagun were in deep pain. They couldn’t believe that their young son has departed from their lives. Ishita was blamed for killing Adi. They didn’t understand that Ishita took the step to save a life. Raman ended ties with Ishita, holding her responsible for Adi’s death. Raman and Shagun refused to forgive Ishita. They got Ishita arrested, so that she leaves from their lives again. Roshni pleaded to Ishita to return to her, since she needs Ishita. She reminded Ishita her duties towards the coming baby. Ishita realizes her journey how she has fought for herself to come back to Roshni.

She aims to raise Adi’s child. She tells Roshni that Raman is trying to hurt her, as he isn’t able to forget his sorrow. She wishes Raman’s pain ends. Raman meets a woman in the pub. He tells her that he hates Ishita a lot. He asks her to send their picture to Ishita, so that he can turn her jealous. He wants to show Ishita that he has moved on and now she has no value in his life. Ishita gets hurt seeing the picture. Roshni feels Raman is doing wrong with Ishita by hurting Ishita this way. Ishita tells her that Raman is suffering a lot, so he wants to reduce his pain by doing such things. She asks Roshni not to blame herself, as it was all Adi’s mistake.

Roshni feels guilty that she is the reason for Bhalla family drifting apart. Roshni apologizes to Ishita for ruining Adi and Aaliya’s marriage, and also the relations in Bhalla family. Ishita tells Roshni that Adi was wrong to cheat his wife, when he tried to ruin Roshni’s life on her rejection, when he has turned into a devil. She didn’t wish to kill Adi, but feels sorry to take his life. She asks Roshni and her child to have a better future. She is hopeful that Raman and Bhallas will melt down on seeing Adi’s little child.


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