Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik to turn into Naira’s professor; Naira to get ragged


Naira makes a new friend Tanvi in college. Kartik informs Suwarna that he was asked to give a lecture in the college, but he has refused. Suwarna asks him to stay there and give the lecture. She tells him that she will come to Mumbai to meet him. She changes her stubbornness on Manish’s request. Tanvi gets a crush on Kartik. She wishes Kartik is her classmate. Tanvi asks Naira to see the guy once. Naira doesn’t show any interest in her talks. She tells Tanvi about her background. Naira reaches the class for her first lecture, unaware that Kartik is her lecturer. Kartik tells the principal that he will give the lecture to the freshers. Principal gets grateful to him.

Naira tells the classmate that she has come to college to attend the lecture, but she won’t support him in mass bunking. He asks her not to show this attitude and spoil his mood. Naira asks him to do anything, but not compel her. Naira disagrees to the guy. She gives her attendance and wishes her name gets corrected in the list soon.

Bhabhimaa gets upset with Suwarna’s refusal. Devyaani turns angry when Bhabhimaa gets heartbroken. She doesn’t want Suwarna to hurt everyone by her annoyance. She tells Bhabhimaa that she will call Suwarna and take her class. Kirti gives the good news of Naira joining the college. Everyone wish Naira’s first day at college goes well. Classmate still insists Naira for mass bunking. Seniors get in the class and rag the freshers. He asks her to propose the lecturer.

Naira gets ragged by the seniors. She refuses to do anything and gets leaving from the class, when Kartik comes there for the lecture. He feels she is a late comer and asks her to leave from the class. Naira recognizes his voice, even when she doesn’t see him. Kartik makes the seniors out of the class. Seniors think the clash between the professor and junior will be amazing. Tanvi gets happy to know that Kartik is their lecturer. Naira gets restless on sensing Kartik. Naira and Kartik have a cute unplanned meet.


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