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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Ruksar’s planning makes Zara worry. Zara finds Ruksar in the Kashmir pictures of Kabeer and her. She suspects Ruksar is up to something. She tells Kabeer that she senses some danger, someone is their enemy who has planted Shiraz in their lives. She tells Kabeer that they have to find out the secret, who wants to ruin their lives. Kabeer wonders what secret Zara wants to unveil. Zara is sure to expose Ruksar by using her secrets. She knows Ruksar’s crimes. Ruksar challenges Zara to do anything, but she won’t be able to unlock her secrets. Zara asks Ruksar to have a last laugh, as she will soon expose Ruksar. Ruksar gets more negative. She decides to ruin Kabeer if he refuses to accept her.

Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala:
After Sikandar’s performance on the stage, Kulfi comes there and gets injured. Sikandar gets shocked to see her. Kulfi is sure that she will get her father’s love. Sikandar will soon learn the truth of Kulfi. Lovely asks Sikandar to have some shame, as he has hidden his first daughter from the world. He had no idea about Kulfi. Sikandar and Kulfi will soon meet and have a happy musical union. The father-daughter bond will turn sweeter. Lovely and Amyra will create hurdles for Kulfi.



Chakor and Vivaan make another attempt to catch Imli. They hope that they don’t fail this time and reach Imli. They lay a clever trap to catch Imli red-handed. They got the clues that Imli is alive. Chakor wants to tell Suraj that Imli is alive and they have learnt this at the ashram. Vivaan tells her that Suraj won’t believe them till they show up Imli to him. He asks Chakor not to hurry and instead find Imli first. She agrees with him. Imli creates hurdles for them so that they don’t reach Aazaadgunj in time and irk Suraj. Chakor and Vivaan are away from haveli. Vivaan tells her how Imli has faked his accident and made him stay in the state of coma. He also reveals that Ranvijay attempted to kill him and buried him, assuming him to be dead. Chakor sympathizes with Vivaan, knowing the tortures he has suffered because of Imli.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika gets tortured again. Yash calls the women home to protest and trouble Vedika. The ladies protest against Vedika and get insulting her. They want to make Vedika wear the slippers string. Vedika sees Yash smirking at his victory and understands he has sent the women. Vedika’s patience breaks out. She asks the ladies to leave her. Sahil isn’t at home to save Vedika. Vedika gives a solid reply to the women and shows her strength. She tells them that its a sin to accuse someone falsely, how can they punish someone by listening to anyone randomly.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash sees Falguni’s picture and cries. He feels helpless. He tries to call Falguni and talk. He stops himself. He stays sorrowful. Falguni makes a return in Rawat family. She comes back in Suyash’s life. She has learnt that Suyash loves her a lot. She couldn’t see Suyash shedding tears in her memory. She meets Suyash to end his sorrow. She doesn’t want Suyash to go through the pain of separation. She gives a gift to Suyash.


Meera is always ill treated by Roma. Vivaan too gets bitter towards Meera. She asks him why is he shouting out so much. Vivaan asks her to sign the divorce papers. He ruins all her dreams and hopes. Dolly asks Vivaan how can he divorce Meera. Vivaan tells Meera that this time she can’t avoid the divorce, the pen is also working. Meera tells Dolly that she knows divorce is a big mess, but she will explain her everything later, this is really necessary. Meera gets ready to sign the papers. She feels nauseous. Dolly tells Meera that she shouldn’t divorce Vivaan now, as she is pregnant, she should take care of herself.


Soumya is upset and misses Harman. She has kept a Vatsavitri fast for Harman. She thinks of her moments with Harman. She sheds tears. The sorrow takes over her life again. Sameer and his mum find Soumya crying. Sameer tells Soumya that he has seen Harman, who looked very happy with Jasleen. He asks her not to worry, as he will always get news about Harman, she should be glad for Harman’s happiness. Sameer’s mum says we will go out for dinner, so that Soumya gets a change.

Roop has performed in the dance competition in school as Radha. Shamsher gets angry knowing Roop’s Radha avatar. He scolds Kamla for allowing Roop. Kamla didn’t know Shamsher will react such. She says Roop has asked me about it and I thought he should go ahead as other children also played girls’ part. Shamsher wants his son Roop to just do macho things. He scolds Himani as well. He tells them that he can’t compromise with wrong things, he doesn’t want Roop to show feminism in his behavior. He raises a question on Kamla’s upbringing. Himani takes Roop with her to save him from Shamsher’s wrath. Kamla is Roop’s shield. She always keeps Roop away from Shamsher’s anger. She wants to fulfill Roop’s wishes and encourage him.


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