Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE (PicFiction): Mariam’s initiative to help out Majaaz


Mariam teaches a lesson to Rifat Ashram, who sends the police at Majaaz’s house to get him interrogated. Rifat wants the land deal at any cost. She finds Majaaz a big hurdle in her way. She doesn’t want to spare Majaaz, knowing her husband Wasim already has a soft corner for Majaaz and his family. Rifat gets locked in the washroom by Mariam. Zain comes to her rescue in time. Rifat plans to trouble Majaaz more. Mariam takes part in the cycle race, hoping to win a hoverboard. She wants to show off to Fawad, by having a hoverboard like he owns. Zain gets a crush on Mahira, during their first meet.

Mahira and Zain want to cheer for their little siblings. Zain develops a liking for her. Mahira is already in love with Rihaan. Mahira tells Majaaz that she wants Mariam to win the race.

Shockingly, Mariam falls down during the race because of Fawad. She gives her best to win. The police reaches the ground and arrests Majaaz for questioning. Mariam gets worried for her dad. Madiha doesn’t know the matter Majaaz is hiding from the family. She just wishes he overcomes the problems. Aijaz assures Mariam and family that he will soon get Majaaz home. Mariam too takes an initiative to help out her father. She can’t see her family in trouble, knowing how their enemies are targeting Majaaz for their personal greed.


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