Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Romi to reveal his shocking decision

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita gets affected by Raman’s silly things. She trusts Raman and knows that he won’t do anything wrong. She wonders why is Raman doing this, this would hurt him too. She understands that he wants her to get hurt. She feels bad that Raman is in pain and hurting everyone around in an attempt to get rid of his sorrow. She feels the girl isn’t right. She calls up Ruhi to tell her about Raman. She asks Ruhi to inform her if Raman comes home. Ruhi asks her to sleep and not worry for Raman, who would get late. Ishita tells her that she wants Raman to cope up with Ad’s loss. Ruhi feels bad that Ishita worries for Raman so much and calls every night to know about Raman’s home coming.

Raman tells the lady that he isn’t interested in her, he just wanted a diversion to get rid of his sorrow. He gets out of the pub. Raman doesn’t get free of his pain. Both Ishita and Raman try to heal their sorrowful wounds. Ruhi informs Ishita that Raman has come home. Ishita gets relieved to know about it. Ruhi scolds Raman for coming home in a drunken state. Raman asks Ruhi not to spy on him because of Ishita. Ruhi criticizes him for his misbehavior. She asks him to mend his ways. Roshni reminds Ishita about the dental conference. Ishita resumes her work at the clinic. Roshni accompanies Ishita.

Ruhi tells Mihika that Raman’s behavior is hurting Ishita a lot. Mihika cheers up Ruhi. She doesn’t want Ruhi to get affected by the family problems. Romi makes a shocking revelation to Mihika, after she gets a message from bank. She asks Romi about the funds withdrawal.

He tells her that he has withdrawn a big amount to make the down payment for their new house. He expresses his anger over the breaking family. He doesn’t want to be associated with the family any more. He wants to live happily in peace with Mihika. He tells her that he is really tired of problems of Simmi and Raman. Mihika doesn’t want to move out of Bhalla house. Romi makes it clear to her that they aren’t living with Bhallas now. Romi finalizes his decision to part ways with the dysfunctional family.

Roshni learns that there will be a raid at Raman’s office. She worries for Raman and tries to inform him. Pihu complains of tooth pain. She asks Pihu to not misunderstand her. Raman feels bad for her and tries to take an appointment from a doctor. Pihu makes a plan to meet Ishita. She tells Ruhi that Ishita will treat her. Ruhi tells her that Raman will not take her to Ishita. Raman arranges a dentist for Pihu. Pihu refuses to get treated by someone else. Raman feels hurt when Pihu doesn’t understand his pain. Roshni reaches Raman to inform him about the raid.


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