Ikyawann: Susheel to get Leela pay for her composite crimes


Leela returns home and tells Satya that she has killed Susheel to take revenge for Kiran’s madness. She tells Satya that she has ruined Susheel and her family. Kali and Sejal ask Leela to surrender to police and stop her madness. Sejal’s warnings make Leela laugh out. Leela asks them how can they expect her to spare their lives. Leela tells them that she has Sarthi captive. She asks the family to play a life and death game with her. She demands them to shoot at one another and see who survives. She promises to spare their lives if they fulfill her commands. Leela puts them in a dangerous situation again. Leela gets falling in their eyes again. Satya regrets to respect Leela before. He sees her cruel side. He asks Kali not to hurt herself. Satya tells Leela that he will shoot himself.

Leela asks him not to take his life. She asks Satya to kill Sarthi. Susheel feels the need to return home to save her family. Susheel comes back to the family and saves Sarthi. Leela tells them that she has done everything to defeat Susheel, who had run away from her clutches. She asks them not to think that she will lose so soon. She makes Susheel helpless to come out. Susheel tells Leela that she will get her punished today, she will get her arrested. Susheel, Mehul and Sarthi explain their plan and catch Leela. Leela gets at gunpoint. Leela loses out to Susheel. Susheel reveals how she has laid the trap for overconfident and clever Leela to get caught. Susheel defeats Leela.

Leela gets a huge shock when her thorough planning fails. Susheel scolds Leela for killing her mother and other women in the family. She wants Leela to pay for her crimes. Susheel gets Leela arrested. Susheel unites with her family. She makes everyone proud of her. Susheel’s family learns that Leela has killed their family women. Dada ji regrets for blaming Susheel unlucky till now. He feels he has been wrong to assume Leela as a noble lady. Susheel tells Dada ji that she wants to do a lot for them. She wants to get justice for her family.

Satya asks Leela to get out of the house. Satya apologizes to Susheel for all his stupidity. Both the families clear their differences after Leela’s leaving. Kali asks Susheel to forgive Satya, as he was really wishing good for her. Kali asks Susheel not to leave from their house. Satya plans to propose Susheel and marry her again. Satya and Susheel’s union will be seen.


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