Kundali Bhagya: Karan to expose Prithvi-Sherlyn’s affair


Preeta finds Sherlyn’s necklace in Prithvi’s car and thinks Kritika is having her necklace so this must belongs to Sherlyn. She thinks if Karan’s doubt is true about Prithvi and recalls his words that they have some connection and Sherlyn is concerned for Prithvi. Prithvi talks sweetly with Dadi and tells her that he can give his life for someone. He brings them to the hospital and thinks it is a waste of time. He lies to Preeta that he has to go to Police station for Shristi’s kidnapping case. Preeta thinks he is doing so much for them and asks him to go.

Sherlyn asks Kritika to search the necklace in her cupboard. Kritika asks why will she steal her necklace when her mum gave her the same thing. Sherlyn says I will check in guest room. She gets angry at the Servant. Kritika asks Sherlyn not to take out her frustration on others. Preeta is about to see Sherlyn’s call on Prithvi’s phone, but he comes there and snatches the phone from her hand.

Preeta thinks to tell him about the necklace, but he gets Sherlyn calls again. He calls Sherlyn. She asks him to check necklace in his car. Prithvi checks in his car, but couldn’t find it. Preeta tells Karan about finding the necklace in Prithvi’s car. He asks her not to tell anyone and give him some time to enquire. Karan starts his investigation and spies on them to gather proofs. He finds them together and realizes they are having an affair and wants to take revenge against Luthras and Preeta. He records their conversation and makes the video viral to everyone. Prithvi and Sherlyn’s chapter will come to an end soon.


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