Mayavi Maling (PicFiction): Adhivanth to conceal Arak’s survival


Antara attempts to meet Maharaj Shil Aditya. Angad’s soldiers try to find Chegu and Eshwarya. Haran stays with Pranali as shadow to protect her. She gets hurt by him. He tells her that her life is precious. She asks him not to teach her. She asks him if he will get loyal to anyone who hires him. He tells her that he will just be loyal to her. Angad gets angry hearing Haran’s words. He punishes Haran for hurting Pranali. Haran apologizes to him. Pranali stops Angad from beating Haran. She asks Angad not to kill Haran. She saves Haran’s life. She takes a stand for her protector, which infuriates Angad. He asks Pranali why did she get friendly with a servant. He reminds her that he has hired Haran for her protection.

He tells Pranali that she is soon going to marry him, so she must remember their prestige and keep servants at bay. She tells him that she just stood for the right. She tells Angad that Haran didn’t hurt her intentionally. Angad gets his demonic side overpowering and shows his true intentions to Pranali.

He reprimands her for misleading him about her decision of marriage. He forces Pranali to marry Angad. He doesn’t want to lose him. Chegu and Eshwarya take a disguise to reach the palace. Chegu asks Eshwarya just to do as he tells her. Antara looks for Chegu to protect him from their enemies. Antara feels Chegu close. Angad’s soldiers catch Chegu and Eshwarya.

Maharaj takes a disguise and goes in search with Eshwarya. He wants to know Angad’s truth so that Pranali’s future gets saved. Adhivanth saves Arak from Madhumali and Angad. He tells Arak his plans. He asks Arak not to come under anyone’s sight, as his life is in huge danger. Adhivanth tells him that it was necessary for him to fool Angad. Adhivanth wants to fail Angad’s devilish plans. He asks Arak to have patience. Adhivanth hides Arak from Madhumali. He asks her about Maharak Shil Aditya. Madhumali asks him to spy on Maharaj Shil Aditya. Chegu and Eshwarya learn about the evil intentions of Angad’s men. Chegu gets ready for his new battle. Antara meets Maharaj Shil Aditya and reveals Angad’s demonic truth. Maharaj Shil Aditya decides to stop the marriage.


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