Piyaa Albela: Happy moments for Vyas family after much ado

Pooja finds Naren

The culprit is finally revealed, who is none other than Hardik responsible for the heinous crime. He has disrespected Meghna on her marriage day. Pooja and Surbhi risk their life and catch the culprit and make him confess to all his crimes in front of all. Everyone feels disgusted to know that Hardik has no regrets. Rahul and Neelima get shattered by the shocking truth. Rahul confronts Hardik, and asks why did he kill his daughter and risked Surbhi’s life. Hardik tells him that he is cheaper than everyone thinks and reveals about his past crimes making them feel ashamed. He tells Neelima that he has become worse due to her as she always insulted him and called him useless. He tells her that he hates her to the core. Neelima is shattered.

Naren gets Hardik arrested by Shivani. The family gets in shock. Neelima couldn’t handle the shock and thinks she will get humiliated daily by the family members and tries to commit suicide, but Naren and Rahul rescue her. All the family members offer their support.

Rahul and Surbhi start their new life. He apologizes to Surbhi for not understanding her love and they both mourn their daughter’s death. Very soon Harish and Supriya’s real son who was declared dead in the show will be making an entry soon, which will bring a new twist to the show and will change the relationships equation of Naren with his parents. Sahil Uppal will be making a comeback as Harish and Supriya’s son. Naren is searching him for some time now and will soon reveal about him to his family members.


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