Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi returns with intense revengeful intentions


Roshni informs Raman about the possible raid at his office. Raman finds Roshni pregnant. He yells at her for misleading him. He tells her that he will not believe her, as he lost Adi because of her. Bala finds Roshni unwell and takes her to the hospital. Raman misses Adi and feels bad that he isn’t with them now. Raman gets Aaliya’s call, who informs him about the raid. Raman feels Roshni has said true. Pihu refuses to go to any other doctor. Ruhi asks her to come with her, she will take her to dentist. Pihu takes a promise from Ruhi. Ishita treats the kid. She calls up Roshni to know about her. Bala tells Ishita that Roshni isn’t fine. He calls her at the hospital.

Raman worries about the raid. He calls the commissioner to stop the raid. He isn’t allowed to seek any help. Simmi returns home after a long time. Parmeet tells her that he has got an amazing gift for her. He tells her that he has planned the raid at Raman’s office. Raman tells the officers that he pays all the taxes on time. The supervisor tells Raman that they got a lead about his illegal business. She asks Raman not to create any trouble in her work. Simmi wants Raman to suffer. Parmeet gets happy that Simmi liked his gift. Simmi tells him that she wants Raman and Ishita to always stay in trouble. Ishita calls the supervisor and tells her that Raman can’t do any fraud, the raid can spoil Raman’s reputation. Raman overhears the lady’s conversation with Ishita and thinks Ishita has created the trouble for him. He gets misunderstanding Ishita once again.

The officers leave from his office. He tells Aaliya that Ishita has sent the officials. Aaliya doesn’t believe it. Ruhi takes Pihu to Ishita for treatment. Ishita treats Pihu. Ishita and Ruhi sing and dance to cheer up Pihu. They come up with cute gestures. Roshni enjoys their dance. Raman comes to meet Ishita and confront her about the raid. Ishita denies the fact. She tells Raman that she was trying to save his respect and business image. Raman doesn’t believe her. Roshni tells Raman that Ishita is saying the truth. Raman then finds his daughters with Ishita. He gets angry. Ishita tells Raman that Ruhi got Pihu to her for the treatment. She asks Pihu to go with Raman. Raman plans a dinner with his so called girlfriend and turns Ishita jealous. Ishita tells him that he isn’t affected. Raman understands that it really affects her. Ishita is happy that Raman still loves her, as she knows he is doing all the stupid things to hurt her.


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