TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Shakti: Soumya prays for Harman’s welfare. She doesn’t forget to fulfill her duties. She loves Harman a lot. She is devoted to him. Soumya worships to Lord and makes a prayer for Harman. Sameer’s mum also supports Soumya, as she understands Soumya’s love for Harman. She also knows Sameer loves Soumya, but she doesn’t want Sameer to do wrong with Soumya. Soumya gets a Suhaagan bangle from the tree. She gets happy that Lord has given her the sign that Harman will always be fine, and his love is just for her. Sameer’s mum wishes Soumya gets her husband. Harman searches for Soumya. He reaches the same tree and finds some women praying. He doesn’t see Soumya. He prays that he gets Soumya soon. He ties the thread to the tree and makes a mannat. He wants his love story to get fulfilled. Sameer follows Harman and reaches the same place. He finds Harman making a prayer for Soumya.

Ishqbaaz: There is a new guest in the Oberoi family. The family doesn’t want to welcome the guest, because the guest, a dog creates troubles for them. Rudra just sits crying on seeing the dog. The little dog scares Obros. Shivay jumps on the table and shows him a frying pan to make the dog away. Shivay consoles Rudra and tells him that he will protect him. He tries to control his fears about a dog. Rudra misses his pet god. He gets emotional. He asks who has killed his dog during his childhood.


Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Sikandar comes home drunk. He doesn’t know whose voice did Lovely use to make Amyra famous. Kulfi wants to leave the house. She sees Sikandar and worries for him. She tries to console him. Sikandar asks Kulfi will she tell him about music now, does she know what’s music. He loses his senses and expresses his pain in front of Kulfi. He gets angry on her. She gets scared of him. She gets heartbroken when he scolds her. Sikandar wants to tell the world that Amyra has done cheating. He is a dilemma that if he tells the truth, Lovely and Amyra will get away from him. He wants the real singer to get credit and fame for the lovely song.


Vivaan visits the temple with Chakor. He prays for Suraj and Chakor’s relationship getting fine like before. He doesn’t want Suraj to spoil his terms by bitterness. Vivaan and Chakor find a clue, when pandit tells them that an old woman from other village was staying in the temple room. Chakor suspects that old woman was Imli in disguise. She goes to the room to find clues about Imli’s survival. Suraj is losing trust on Chakor and Vivaan. He doesn’t want Chakor to roam around in the village with Vivaan. He is fed up and insecure of their friendship. Chakor is getting trapped in Imli’s plan. Suraj says you and Vivaan went to find Imli, but you guys are lost in each other.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul takes a disguise and hides her identity with a Burqa. She has reached Aaliya to save her life. Aaliya falls in a new trouble. Aaliya wishes Bulbul helps her. Aaliya’s parents wants to get Aaliya married to some man. Bulbul opposes the child marriage. Bulbul will be saving Aaliya. Vijay asks Bulbul to prove it to Dadi that she is the right person for him. Bulbul loses focus on the family as she is busy in saving Aaliya. Vijay gets upset that Bulbul isn’t paying attention to him and family. Vijay and Bulbul start getting differences between. Bulbul thinks to tell Vijay about Aaliya’s problem.


Zoya and Aditya will be proving themselves innocent. Rajbeer proves that they are Yash and Pooja’s real murderers. They wants them to get punished. Zoya and Aditya try to get saved from police. They take a disguise. Zoya dons a Burqa and covers her face with the veil. Rajveer gets to reach them and points gun at them. Rajveer catches them, but Zoya acts smart to save herself and Aditya.

Kumkum Bhagya:
King tells Pragya that he has kept a big challenge in front of Abhi, as he told Abhi that his wife is better than Abhi’s wife. Pragya gets angry on King for his lie, but she agrees to go in the party with him. Pragya meets Abhi as King’s wife. King wanted to insult Abhi. He plays the move to show Abhi where he stands. Tanu doesn’t arrive in the party. King fails to humiliate Abhi when his comparison move doesn’t get executed.

Aapke Aa Jaane Se:

Vedika explains Sahil that he has to become responsible towards the family, he shouldn’t take any wrong step in anger. Sahil takes a gun and goes to fight with the goons. Vedika sees Sahil leaving from the house in anger. Sahil gets into a fight with the goons. Vedika doesn’t want Sahil to fall in trouble because of his temper.

Roma makes a plan to kill Meera. Roma is tired of Meera’s interference. She throws the pearls beads of the stairs. Meera runs down the stairs and slips by the pearls spread out. Meera falls down and gets hurt. Vivaan helps out Meera and takes her to the room. Roma lies to Vivaan and tries to get him in her words. Roma then pushes Meera down once again. Vivaan saves Meera’s life. He catches her in time. Roma wanted to kill Meera’s baby. Vivaan and Meera come closer because of the problems. Meera has got some clues and knows Roma is creating problems for her. Vivaan supports Meera. She gets a surprise when Vivaan takes a stand for her.


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