Mayavi Maling: Madhumali to take up Chegu’s challenge

Madhumali returns for revenge

Maharaj Shil Aditya tries to find his best friend Trishanku. He isn’t aware that Madhumali has already killed Trishanku and got a zombie figure to Maling in Trishanku’s disguise. She sends Trishanku’s zombie with Adhivanth at a secure place, where no one can find him. She doesn’t want Maharaj Shil Aditya to learn the truth. Chegu makes a plan to stop Angad and Pranali’s wedding, when Pranali fails to escape from the palace. Pranali seeks help from Haran in order to run away from Maling. She gets caught up by Madhumali.

Angad reaches the mandap and gets happy that Maling throne will come to him immediately once he marries Pranali. Angad’s dreams shatter when Chegu arrives with a master plan to expose Angad. Chegu gains all his powers and attacks on Angad, with an aim to expose Angad’s demonic powers in front of Maling Rajya.

Angad endures Chegu’s attacks and gets provoked to fight back. Madhumali controls Angad from using his powers in front of everyone, as their truth will be revealed by his move. Angad tells her that he can’t tolerate his humiliation done by Chegu. Madhumali assures Angad that she will handle Chegu, knowing he is her nephew. Madhumali gets revengeful when Chegu attempts to challenge the Daanav Vanshis. Chegu takes a big risk to help Maling. Will Chegu succeed in stopping Angad and Pranali’s marriage? Keep reading.


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