Shakti: Sameer to make a selfish move against Harman


Harman gets in dilemma. He is worried as Jeet is blackmailing him by Raavi’s pregnancy truth. Jasleen helps Harman and does a fake marriage with him so that Jeet doesn’t trouble Harman. Harman wins in saving his family’s pride. He tells Jasleen that they have to find Soumya soon. Jasleen promises to support him. They fool Jeet by mocking marriage. Preeto thanks Jasleen for helping Harman and them so much. Soumya gets the news of Harman and Jasleen’s remarriage. She shatters and feels low. Sameer consoles Soumya. He doesn’t clear her wrong assumptions.

Soumya’s last hope is broken. Her heart gets restless when Sameer tells her about Harman and Jasleen’s remarriage. Soumya feels Harman has gone too far from her. Sameer’s mum feels bad for Soumya. She says Harman would be going to Canada with Jasleen, what will happen now, poor Soumya’s heart will shatter if Harman leaves the country forever. Sameer shows Harman and Jasleen’s marriage picture and tells Soumya that they have married in a grand way this time, he has congratulated them and heard that they are leaving for Canada to live a good future.

Soumya wishes the best for Harman. Sameer’s mum asks Soumya to get over this pain and move on. She says Soumya loves Harman a lot and cries for him, but Harman is ready to get away from her, how can Harman do injustice with his first wife. She makes Soumya realize that she should also remarry. She wants Soumya to think of marrying Sameer. She is trying that Soumya forgets Harman. She is hopeful that Soumya will consider Sameer. Sameer and his mum influence Soumya by their lies. They act selfish, but just because they love Soumya.


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