Udaan: Imli lays a new trap for Vivaan-Chakor


Suraj gave five days time to Chakor so that she can prove herself and bring Imli out. Imli wants to distract Chakor and fail her, so that Suraj never trusts Chakor again. She sends a boy to Chakor and gives her wrong information to call Chakor somewhere. She then gives some bhaang to the lemonade vendor and asks him to add it in Chakor’s drink. She is confident that she will win.

Chakor and Vivaan are finding Imli. They have less time to prove Imli’s existence. Imli plays dirty tricks against them. She diverts them cleverly. Chakor and Vivaan are too innocent to believe Imli’s planning. She asks a vendor about Imli. The vendor keeps the condition and asks her to buy the lemonade if she wants any information about Imli. Chakor asks him if he will tell her about Imli if she buys the drinks. Chakor falls in Imli’s trap. He then misleads Chakor and sends her somewhere.

Chakor and Vivaan reach the shade where they used to meet before. They spend some fun time. Imli has spiked their lemonade and lets them romance, so that Suraj loses his cool seeing them. Imli wants Chakor and Vivaan to forget their motive of finding her. Chakor and Vivaan recollect their old time. They get happy and dance. The villagers spot Chakor and Vivaan together. Imli wishes the news of Chakor and Vivaan’s Over the top friendship reaches Suraj.


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